7 Movie Sequels Which Were Better Than the Original Films

There has been an argument as to whether sequels are ever as exceptional as the original films. Moviemakers use sequels to top the former movie or save the dwindling franchise. These filmmakers go back to the drawing board and rehearse previous scenes to bring out something bigger, better. This, considering the budget and effects.

Acclaimed follow-ups build on what the public is already familiar with. Sometimes they expose the hero to challenging situations that require them to evolve. These devices enact successful sequels that surpass their former. Below are some sequels deemed excellent than the original.

Spider-Man 2

Original superhero movies tend to be amazing and capture the market. Things trail off when it comes to figuring out in which direction to take the sequel. The X-men movie gets tossed around as the inventor of the basic formula that modern-day superhero films have borrowed from. However, when the original Spider-man film was released, it was arguably the best hero movie to be released at that time.

The film doubtlessly brought out the essence of the character. The story portrays Peter Parker as an emotional, vengeful high-schooler who evolves into a more mature adult. He was battling to save the city, which resonates with anyone wrestling with adulthood.   Despite being a major hit, the film had some drawbacks.

However, its sequel, Spider-Man 2, came out in 2004 and stood out to be one of the best in the genre. Sam Raima expands upon Peter’s story in Spider-Man 2 while assigning him both big and small compelling challenges to handle. This film is definitely innovative, and filmmakers can emulate a thing or two from it.

Toy story 2

The Toy Story was a groundbreaking film that proved technology was viable to produce revolutionary stories in animation. Decades later, the story remains enjoyable to watch.

However, the original Toy Story is out of date and lacking in its reach and ambition. From all the Toy Story genres, Toy Story 2 stems out as one of the best sequels that improve its original film.

The film expands upon the world of the Toy Story. Here the toys embark on discovering new locations far beyond the one they are familiar with. The film goes deeper than its predecessor in its thematic technique by highlighting themes such as the impossibility of growing up and how this can end up affecting our values.

While it is debatable between Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3, which is the best in the series, Toy Story 2 still deserves recognition for improving its former.

The Dark Knight

The Batman movies are such essential films in the field of superhero films simply because they portray that they could be sophisticated characters grounded in the real world. Director Christopher Nolan proved his prowess by following up the greatest Batman film ever produced with an even better sequel.

The Dark Night remains the greatest follow-up of all time because it not only surpassed its forerunner in every possible way but was the only comic story that demanded weighty critical thought and analysis.

The Dark Knight depicts ambitious, challenging, and iconic performances with Ledger’s chilling turn as the Joker. For this reason, the film is reputable as the epitome of sequels in the movie industry.

The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

When it comes to figuring out the best film in the series, Star Wars fans always fall for either A New Hope or The Empire Strikes Back. These are the only options. However, the Empire Strikes Back is the better option as it still preserves the essence of the original film as it builds up the authentic story while adding some darker aspects for good measure.

The Empire is an ambitious story where the heroes are put into serious combat but succumb to the villains at the end of the film. To this day, many blockbuster films hardly exploit this storytelling risk.

The Empire’s filmmakers came up with the most admirable plot twist that rocked the entire Star Wars fan base to the core. Let’s face it, when it comes to which Star Wars film to go for, the answer is The Empire Strikes Back all the way.

The Fast Five (2011)

Most franchisees peter out by the time they reach their fifth genre. Some scrape the bottom of the barrel before they start coming out empty-handed. The Fast and Furious films are a quirk among other long-outstanding movies due to its 2011’s Fast Five film. This was a comeback after four entries of varying quality.

The sequel completely rejuvenated the franchise, turning a genre about street racing into an action blockbuster. This film stood out in direct competition with others in the same genre.

The Fast and Furious film was fairly a competent movie at the time. The Fast Five did reunite not only the major characters of the past films but also established a heist film framed around driving fast cars really fast, making this the core of the movie. Despite your views on the film, Fast Five is, without a doubt, an exceptional film. It was able to renew the franchise long after its expiry date. 

Iron Man 3

Iron man was the first movie to establish superhero film dominance for Marvel and remains one of the best origin stories. Unfortunately, its follow-up film, Iron Man 2, became a slump, but fortunately, Iron Man 3 turned out to be better than both. What makes Iron Man 3 exceptional to others is that the film is humorous and more entertaining to watch.

The film also narrated a legitimate story that uses Tony Stark’s creativity and intellect and held authentic stakes. The movie has the fewest drawbacks compared to the previous two, and it is among the few films where the third movie in a trio comes out as the best and tops the charts.

Terminator 2: The judgement day

The original Terminator movie, produced and directed by James Cameron helped to bring Aronald Schwarzenegger to the limelight. It made him a mega movie star.

As revolutionary as the film was, it was overshadowed by its sequel Terminator 2: The Judgement Day, which was released in the year 1991. Thanks to computer effects and advanced technology, the story developed remarkably.

From a small-scale and simplistic film of a killer robot with its human target to a vigorous blockbuster. This expanded and perpetuated the original thematic concerns encompassing issues to do with technology paranoia, and destructive tendencies to humanity.

Casting Schwarzenegger as the good guy in the sequel was a clever plot twist. The filmmakers also came up with a villain better than the original Terminator. This consequently refashioned its predecessor, making the film interesting to watch again and again.

It is not easy to trap lightning twice and yet some of the highly pre-eminent films were follow-ups. The above films are among the most thrilling sequels which are thought-out to be better than the original.