7 Important Things I Want To Thank My Best Friend For

True friendship is a rare thing to find. When you find that one person who is like your soul sister, you should never let them go. Strive to cultivate, nurture and maintain that friendship because it is a true gem. When you have a friend who knows you deep inside, from the inside out, and still loves you unconditionally, what more could you want out of life?

Personally, my best friend is like the sister I never had. Our friendship seems like I have known her my entire life. We have been through ups and downs together, and there are a million things that I want to thank her for but here are the top 7 things I really appreciate her for.

1. Thank you for being brutally honest

I would like to thank you for always being painfully honest with me. You never sugar-coat anything and that is what best friends are for. Those times you tell me that the guy I am madly in love with is nothing more than a fuckboy and even though it is hurtful, you tell it to me anyway. I thank you for always being honest with me even when I am not honest with myself.

2. Thank you for all the times you knew me better than I know myself

If there is anyone who knows my fake smile and times that I badly need a bear hug, it is definitely you. Thank you for correcting me when I am headed in the wrong direction. You always watch out for me and I am truly grateful.

3. Thank you for all the little things

They say people may forget what you said but will never forget how you made them feel. I sincerely want to thank you for all the little big things that you do for me bestie. They might seem so ordinary like sending me a good morning text but I truly am grateful that you even think about me.

4. Thank you for listening to my pointless dramas

Many times I spin the same story and try reaching a different conclusion but you still sit with a listening ear. You do not brush me off because you know it is therapeutic to me when I am stressed about something. You never complain even when I go on and on and on with my endless dramas.

5. Thank you for calming my overthinking head

You always have a way of calming my overthinking mind and I truly appreciate you for that. I can analyze and think through one thing, dissecting all the possibilities and impossibilities, but you somehow pull us out of that mess. You are my superhero!

6. Thank you for all the fun and laughter we have shared

Life is a journey that is not smooth at all. We have had our share of heartbreaks and disappointments but how can I fail to acknowledge the good times we have shared with you girl. With you around, I can still be me and do all the weird things. Times you have made me laugh so hard till I forgot all my pain and worries. Those memories are priceless.

7. Thank you for being yourself

Thanks for being a reliable shoulder for me to lean on. You are always genuinely happy for me no matter what. Thank you for trusting me with your secrets and for keeping mine. I am truly blessed to call you my best friend.