7 Harsh Truths About Being An Over-Thinker With A Fragile And Loving Heart

7 Harsh Truths About Being An Over-thinker With A Fragile And Loving Heart

People can easily assume that high functioning minds with a tendency to overthink have it made as far as fast, coherent, and effective decision making goes. That may be so, but it's not that easy for these guys.

Every day, they are in a battle with their minds due to the overwhelming anxiety they suffer, which even gets in their way of making the right decisions. It's hard for them to overlook anything, and that can be a very real challenge for them and those involved with them on some level.

With that, let's have a look at 8 brutal truths about overthinkers who also happen to have fragile but loving hearts.

1. They Can't Live In The Moment

To an overthinker, the future is the only thing that occupies their minds. They want to know what the future has in store for them, and how it might turn out if they make certain decisions today. While it's true that we should give some thought to our futures and consider what our actions today might affect it, we should still learn to forget about it for a while and live in the moment. Overthinkers have a problem doing this.

2. They Deny Themselves Sleep

No, they don't do this on purpose. Their overthinking is the problem, and it makes them put their personal health at risk, sleep included. Therefore, sleep deprivation is one of the problems they face on a regular basis. They think without end about a bunch of issues they should not spend so much time thinking about it.

3. They May Seem Too Strong For Some

Because these people will question anything, they may seem like too much for some people. You have to truly understand them to accept what they are about.

4. Overthinkers Want True Love

What an overthinker wants most from you is love. They have fragile and loving hearts that desire honest feelings of love and compassion. They are usually quite terrified by the possibility that someone is out to hurt them. Be prepared for them to put up a front and resist your romantic advances out of fear that you might break their hearts.

5. Escape is Their Most Natural Move

Because they analyze every situation to the extreme, these people tend to see all the terrible possibilities that a situation might lead to. For this reason, they learn to see the bad in everything. That is why they can run from potentially promising relationships because all they can see are the terrible endings such unions might have.

6. They Care Too Much About Other People's Opinions

You would have to be a total jerk not to give a rat's ass about what other people think. But it would be an absolute mistake to give people's opinions more importance than they deserve, and this is something overthinkers with loving hearts do. They desire to give their all to those they are involved with, and this makes them care way too much about what other people think. They can, therefore, have a really hard time accepting criticism and they might even see negative sides to otherwise very positive comments.

7. They Try to Find Hidden Meanings and Ulterior Motives

To an overthinker, no word is to be taken at face value. The tone at which you say hello to them could mean a dozen things that never crossed your mind. Every word these people hear is analyzed over and over again to see what hidden meaning it has. As you can imagine, living in that manner can be maddening.