7 Habits To Avoid On Your First Date

7 Habits To Avoid On Your First Date

A date is when two people get to meet, intending to get to know each other better, test their compatibility, and afterward, the possibility of starting a romantic relationship. When you ask a lady what she expects on a date, she tells you how much she anticipates the location, the food, the fun, and all. For guys, you will probably be expecting to have fun too with that good-looking person that piqued your interest on a dating app or at that usual coffee shop before you had the courage to ask for her number.

Many times you tend to be very careful not to offend your date in any way, and that may lead to clumsiness and lack of expression on your part. Well, perhaps there are some things you've been doing that are not really cool. Here are 7 habits you must avoid on your first date if you're looking to seal the second and third date

Being Late

7 Habits To Avoid On Your First Date

This could be a red flag from the jump. If you had somewhere important to be, you should not be late. What could be more important than meeting someone that could possibly be THE ONE! Being late suggests you're not particularly interested in the person you're meeting with. It also suggests you're clumsy and untimely. If something comes up at work that would make you run late, communicate that with the other person. Communication is key!

Talking Non-Stop And Particularly About Yourself

7 habits to avoid on your first date

This could make you come off as self-absorbed. If you know what a date is, it is a moment to get to know each other more. A moment when you both converse, laugh together and lay a foundation for what is to come. The moment that gives the other person your definition. Do not annoy the other person by simply talking too much. Talk confidently about yourself, but do not brag about your achievements and all that.

There is a thin line between confidence and bragging. It could be a red flag. While everyone would appreciate someone doing well for themselves, bragging about those things can put them off. This could end the date, leaving a bad impression.

Talking About Your Ex

7 habits to avoid on your first date

Talking about a phantom person on your date could make your date jealous and irritated. Say as little about your past relationships as possible when asked. The date is expected to be about both of you, and of course, to get to know each other better. This happens especially when you talk about the good qualities of your ex, how he/she was good in bed, used to cook well and all. That simply tells your date that you have not gotten over your ex and, as such, he/she is only wasting precious time with you.

So even when asked about your past relationship, make sure to be brief about it without shooting yourself. Don't even delve into saying bad things about your ex to impress her. It's just so unnecessary. There is no need to share such intimate details.

Checking Your Cellphone And Receiving Calls

7 habits to avoid on your first date

Assuming you are talking to someone about something very important and he/she starts chatting on his phone, how would you feel? Now imagine how your date would feel when in a conversation with you and you are on your phone. Some text and some receive multiple calls during a date. It always makes it seem like there are more important things you would rather be doing than being present on the date. Nobody wants to feel that way. It makes the other person look disregarded and disrespected.

Even though you make excuses before that call, there may not be a second date if all you do is check your phone. In fact, she will probably never call nor answer phone calls from you ever again.

Forgetting Names

7 habits to avoid on your first date

Forgetting important information, like a name, is never the way to go. Probably the easiest way to ruin the moment is by forgetting or pretending to forget your date's name (believe me, some people do that). It makes your date think he/she is less of a priority and thus should not even be there with you in the first place. The person keeps thinking about that throughout the date, that is, if he/she waits till the end. They may discuss this with their friends when back home and you can be sure nothing good will come out of that gathering.

Being Clumsy

7 habits to avoid on your first date

Do not be clumsy! As obvious as this might possibly sound to you, spilling a drink on the other person during a date might really annoy them. Most times, people tend to be unnecessarily clumsy on a first date. What I have noticed is that their "clumsiness" often results in carelessness. Every lady needs or says they need a man that can take care of responsibilities. A man who can handle situations perfectly. Spilling a drink on a lady makes her feel insecure with you. And she will most likely see you as clumsy thereafter.

Asking About Her Body Count

7 habits to avoid on your first date

Honestly, you don't really want to know, so why ask. There is literally no number he/she says that would make you feel secure at that moment. Asking awkward questions about intimacy and previous relationships could instantly make the other person uncomfortable.

So, guys, when next you go on that date, and you don't want it to fall out badly, avoid these bad habits. Make your date feel like a treasured jewel, get to know them, find common interests with he/she, and that could lead to subsequent dates and hopefully a relationship! Regardless if you met on dating sites or in real life, these are tips to keep in mind to make that first date smooth. Who knows...that could lead to a second and even a third date.