7 Habits That Are Making Your Anxiety Worse

Anxiety is like waiting for a train to hit you, except you're not even at the train station.

The dreadful feeling is nothing more than merely a sensation. However, telling that to someone who's struggling with anxiety may not be your smartest move. It's not helpful, and it's only making the person more anxious for having to defend their feelings.

What's even worse is that the biggest enemy of anyone dealing with anxiety comes from within. Here are some of the most common examples of adding fuel to your anxious mind:


7 habits that are making your anxiety worse

The more you avoid someone or something, you're letting your irrational feeling grow and feed the fears.

You know the cure: take it one step at the time, by facing whatever is making you feel uncomfortable.

Being in control

7 habits that are making your anxiety worse

You can't control life or other people. Still, if you're dealing with overwhelming anxiety on a daily basis, that's precisely what'll you will try to do.

The idea of giving up control sounds scary, but the truth is you never had any power over anything other than your actions and thoughts.

Try to let go, with daily meditations, gratitude journals, and hobbies.


7 habits that are making your anxiety worse

Making up the worst possible scenario only to add more fear to your already scared mind isn't going to solve anything.

Overthinking is so powerful with anxious people that it's impossible to tell them to simply quit. Instead, a good exercise includes setting a daily alarm for worries and then trying to quiet the mind with breathing techniques.


7 habits that are making your anxiety worse

Imagine you're watching a live game and feel the need to know the end result before anyone else. That's how every anxious person feels while doing even the bare minimum.

Adding stress to each situation is making things worse. And getting the unwanted outcome triggers panic attacks.

There's nothing behind the expectations but the fear of the unknown. While letting go of control, try to do the same with expectations as well.

Relying on Medications

7 habits that are making your anxiety worse

Most treatments of an anxiety disorder include medications. They should be among the tools you're using to cope, not the only or primary one.

There's no scary monster, anxiety is all you, and you're the most significant weapon that will make things better. Medications are just a helping hand.

Medications are not magic pills!

Drinking alcohol or too much coffee

7 habits that are making your anxiety worse

Alcohol is a depressant. Not only won't it make things better, but your anxiety will worsen.

Self-medicating is a dangerous game, and it's riskier than any situation you created in your mind.

Too much caffeine can trigger an anxious mind since it stimulates the fight or flight response. Limit your daily dose to a cup or two, and drink plenty of water instead.

Skipping Meals

7 habits that are making your anxiety worse

If you're not eating correctly, your blood sugar will drop. The symptoms imitate anxiety attacks.

Balanced meals, three main ones, and two snacks will give you enough energy and nutrients.

Anxiety is hard to understand. It can make you feel you're going insane, or that you're about to die.

While it's hard, the answer is finding techniques that will help your mind find peace while you're continually working on getting out of your comfort zone.