7 Excuses I Won't Accept From A Commitment-Phobe

If you're unable to commit to me, then I expect you to be ready to end our relationship. The notion of being commitment-phobic is simply an excuse that some men use to enjoy all the perks without putting in any effort. I refuse to be manipulated and that's why I won't tolerate these justifications that men commonly make.

1. "I'm Just Not Ready"

The reality is, you're uncertain about when or even if you'll be prepared to commit. Is it fair for me to be expected to wait indefinitely? Without a clear timeline, I can't allow you to waste my time. So, where does this leave us? You claim to be "not ready," and perhaps you're correct, as a genuine man would be open to receiving my love.

2. "I Don't Want To Get Hurt Again"

We've all experienced pain in the past, and we both acknowledge that avoiding labels won't safeguard your heart from being broken again. Do you genuinely believe that keeping me at arm's length will shield you from getting hurt? Relationships do come to an end, and that's difficult, but it's not a reason to give up on trying again.

3. "I Like Things Just The Way They Are"

If our current situation is working well, why would progress harm our relationship? You suggest that we shouldn't interfere with a good thing, but I believe that if we don't move forward, we'll become trapped in a cycle. I won't sugarcoat it - relationships are challenging. It won't always be perfect, but if we don't make an effort, then I'll only feel that I wasn't significant enough for you to try.

4. "I'm Just Not Sure About Us"

How long will it take for you to become certain? The longer you remain uncertain, the more time I squander on you. If you're uncertain about wanting something more, why are you keeping me in the picture? Are you waiting for someone or something better to materialize? That's a foolish decision.

5. "I Want To Take Things Slow"

We're progressing at such a sluggish pace that it seems we're going backward. While taking things slow is understandable, is there any plan for the next stage? I appreciate that you want to become acquainted with me before rushing into anything, but let's be rational. I cannot continue to wait and take small steps until you're prepared to commit. I want to know that we're moving forward or else I'll seek someone else who values my time.

6. "I Just Don't Know What I Want"

If you're uncertain about your feelings towards me, then allow me to provide some clarity: you don't want me. Consequently, I won't linger around waiting for you to decide and cause me even more heartbreak. I've been a consistent part of your everyday routine for months, so shouldn't you have some idea by now? I'm aware of what I desire, so why aren't you?

7. "I'm Just Super Busy Right Now"

Let me clarify: are you asserting that you're so preoccupied that you can't make time for your personal life? That's not a healthy approach. If you're too busy to commit to me, perhaps I'm too preoccupied to spend my time waiting for you. We both lead busy lives, but I make time to be with you because you're significant to me. I prioritize our relationship, so if you're unwilling to do the same, then I'll forget about the idea of commitment and move on from this so-called "relationship."