7 Easy Ways To Increase The Vibration Of Your Home

7 Easy Ways To Increase The Vibration Of Your Home

Create positive flow in your home, and soon you'll find yourself to be more motivated and in an overall better mood. Let the positive energy in and turn your place into a sanctuary for all senses. There's no need to hesitate. Start now!

Add greenery

Living plants will purify the air, and you'll find them to have a calming effect on the mind. Plants attract good, positive guests, plus they are the perfect accessory.


Big plants are trending, as are home gardens. By keeping your plants happy and healthy, you're allowing your home vibe to grow faster and more consistently.


I cannot stress this enough: Clutter is dangerous for your life! It's a perfect way to maintain negative, draining energy, which thrives in misery.

The simple rule of decluttering is asking yourself: "Do I need this?" Then, take a look at the item, and if it doesn't bring you joy, throw it away. Make room for better, brighter, and useful things in your life by getting rid of old and unwanted ones.



Crystals are well-known protectors, healers, and energizers. They are lovely decoration, pleasant to look at, which is always a plus.

Find a space where you will keep and nurture your crystals. According to ancient rules, you should place Tourmaline around your entryways to clear any negative energy coming into your house. Place Aquamarine, Rose Quartz, and Citrine around the vanity to radiate goddess energy. You can control the flow of energy around you as you see fit.



There are numerous valuable lessons from the ancient art of Feng Shui. Though you should always pick colors that you find soothing, if you need some help to revive your space, use red and purple.

Warm tones are ideal for the living room, while the bedroom looks incredible in gray and blue hues. You can have monochromatic colors for your walls and furniture and raise positive energy with details, from fresh flowers and living plants to wood pieces and touches of bright, sunny shades.



Daily meditation will benefit your body, mind, and soul. You don't need to have a special place for meditating, but this process enhances your home and makes it more resilient.

Meditation inspires creativity and productivity and creates a calming, relaxing atmosphere. It also helps to accept imperfections and teaches us to grateful. Try it: meditate for a month in a neat space with plants and crystals, invite your friends, and see if they see changes in your home's vibrations. Don't freak out if they start complimenting your house as soon as they walk in!


Burning sage

Burning sticks made from sage or any other purifying herb are energetically purifying to the home. It clears negativity out of the house and welcomes high vibration.

Burn sage to move the negative energy out after a disagreement. Go through the rooms with a burning smudge stick. Wave it in a clockwise motion with thoughts of cleansing and positivity and clarity.


Singing and dancing

Music boosts the brain's productivity and raises positive vibrational effects. Adding a movement by dancing increases the incredible power of music.

You don't have to know all the words to the songs or dance like a pro. As long as your body is enjoying the sounds and the movements, you're bringing positivity into space. Classical music can be useful, so give it a try. Let Four Seasons by Vivaldi and Beethoven teach you how to thrive in positivity!


Love your home

Learn to look at your space with love. Be grateful for every piece of furniture, for the area you turned into a loving home. It's a great reminder not to take things for granted, and with plants, crystals, and good tunes, your house will become a reflection of who you are. Even who it is that you want to be.