7 Common Sex Myths And Misconceptions Debunked

Despite considering ourselves the most knowledgeable generation in history, there are still ludicrous and unfounded myths that persist. Regrettably, there remain numerous embarrassing misconceptions surrounding sex that make people appear foolish.

It is surprising that some adults still believe the silly notions they held as children. For example, there are those who believe that ingesting sperm can lead to pregnancy, or that one must be of a certain age to conceive despite having intercourse.

To put it differently, the general level of sexual knowledge is relatively deficient, resulting in people believing some comical sexual misconceptions even in adulthood.

While such claims may appear nonsensical to some, individuals make incredibly foolish assertions about sex due to their genuine belief in them. To those more knowledgeable about the topic, some of these statements may be utterly incredulous.

Therefore, let us examine a few foolish sexual misconceptions that individuals still believe to be true today.

1. Gravity Keeps A Girl From Getting Pregnant When She Is On Top

Though it may sound absurd, there are those who think that assuming a particular position during sex can prevent pregnancy. Nevertheless, this is a terrible misconception because having the woman on top is not a reliable form of birth control.

Those who adhere to this myth fail to recognize that sperm are capable of swimming and navigating their way upstream to reach the uterus, potentially resulting in pregnancy.

The direction in which they must swim is inconsequential.

2. Female Orgasm Can't Happen

Though it may elicit amusement, there exist individuals who sincerely believe that women are incapable of experiencing orgasm.

Despite being in the twenty-first century, there are still individuals whose understanding of women and sexuality is several centuries outdated.

Perhaps for some men, believing in such a misconception is a means of comforting themselves regarding their inability to satisfy their partners.

Despite the surprising nature of believing in this myth, many people do, and it is not limited to men. Thus, if a woman is not experiencing pleasure during sexual activities, it does not imply that female orgasm is nonexistent.

3. Giving Head Can't Give You STDs

There are men who employ various misconceptions to deceive women into engaging in sexual activities with them. For example, some men claim that one cannot contract STDs from unprotected oral sex.

Such a belief is not only absurd, but also a perilous misconception.

Unprotected sexual activities, whether involving the genitals or the mouth, can lead to the transmission of infections.

4. It's Impossible To Orgasm With A Condom

There are some men who harbor an inexplicable dislike for protected sex, and thus, have invented the excuse that wearing a condom impedes their ability to reach orgasm.

Nonetheless, the reality is that men can still achieve orgasm while wearing a condom, albeit they may not derive the same level of pleasure from the experience.

Nevertheless, risking one's health is not worth avoiding the use of a condom. There is no need to subject oneself to potential infections like herpes, which can be both hazardous and embarrassing.

With the use of a condom, sexual activity can still result in orgasm.

5. Doing It In The Water Prevents Pregnancy

Once again, this misconception reinforces the idea that pregnancy can be avoided by engaging in sexual activity in water.

However, sperm are adept swimmers, and water presents no significant obstacle for them.

6. Masturbation Makes It Harder To Orgasm During Sex

The reality is that even if one engages in self-pleasure, they can still experience sexual pleasure and achieve orgasm during sexual activity with a partner.

Traditionally, this theory was employed as a means of dissuading individuals from indulging in self-gratification prior to marriage, in order to preserve their sexual purity.

Therefore, although it may conflict with certain religious convictions, the notion that masturbation can impair sexual pleasure by diminishing one's ability to achieve orgasm is unfounded.

7. Too Much Sex Makes A Woman Loose

Undoubtedly, this is a classic instance of a myth designed to stigmatize women. Nevertheless, female genitalia are comprised of muscular tissue, allowing them to expand and contract.

If women can go through childbirth and still recover from it, they can surely handle multiple sexual encounters without any negative consequences.

We understand that discussing sex can be uncomfortable for some people. Nevertheless, it is crucial to distinguish between fact and fiction to prevent basing your sex life on commonly held misconceptions.