7 Cold-Hearted Zodiac Signs

7 Cold-hearted Zodiac Signs

Out of the twelve zodiac signs that are out there, there are those that can be considered nice and those that can be described as cold-hearted. These are individuals that never let their guard down easily, even if they are at the first meeting described as being friendly. Seven of the twelve signs are particularly described as becoming cold-hearted and closed off for various reasons.

1. Aquarius (01.20 - 02.18)

Their possession of superior social skills is what makes them seem likable at first; however, it is their temperament, and inability to compromise that makes them cold-hearted. These individuals have a habit of running away from deeper emotions, making everyone feel that they don't care.

2. Sagittarius (11.22 - 12.21)

These individuals will at first seem nice because they have a great sense of humor, which makes everyone laugh. This will draw people to them at first until they can no longer hide their true selves. It's once you get to know them that you realize that they tend to be somewhat impatient and say tactless things.

3. Scorpio (10.23 - 11.21)

Though individuals from this zodiac sign are usually considered to be real friends, this changes once you get to know them better. At first, they charm others with their calm behavior and ability to express emotions, which is intoxicating to others. Later, individuals notice that usually, the emotions they express are only negative ones, their tendency to become violent shining through.

4. Virgo (08.23 - 09.22)

Individuals from this sign are viewed as being loyal and kind; however, they hide a colder interior. They are also known for being practical and overly critical, turning people off from their personalities.

5. Leo (07.23 - 08.22)

Leo's will first come off as warm and fuzzy, like a kitten. They are seen as cheery and generous, but they will eventually show stubbornness and arrogance that cannot be broken. They ultimately begin to show themselves as being cold and distant to others.

6. Taurus (04.20 - 05.20)

Under this sign, people are known to be reliable and patient, someone anyone can count on. Eventually, their uncompromising and stubborn nature will show others that they are actually rather cold and distant.

7. Aries (03.21 - 04.19)

Extremely honest and optimistic, Aries is usually seen as being nice at first. Later, their honesty takes a turn for being seen as brutal rather than helpful. Their short temper doesn't mix well with the rest of their characteristics making them seem very cut-throat.

When it comes to dealing with anyone from the zodiac signs mentioned above, it is essential to remember that people can be different than what they show themselves to be. At first, everyone wants to make a great impression, which makes it all the more important to keep in mind that there are some other hidden traits people carry that can make them seem cold or distant. It is best not to take it personally.