7 Clear Signs You're Not Lonely, Despite Being Single

7 Clear Signs You’re Not Lonely, Despite Being Single

Some people aren't the relationship type. They aren't selfish or needy, they just mastered the skill of being alone, and they're never lonely.

It's great to be in a couple, but there's a higher sense of worth for people who know they want to be single. Don't judge them, because it's never easy accepting that you're not part of some social norm. But when you do, it's liberating!

You have your own, small world

You have a well-organized life, most likely a career, and a small circle of great friends. The most important part of it all is that you're happy.

Not only are you never lonely, but you love being alone. You can disappear for days and weeks, doing your thing, reading, walking, and enjoying life.

You are your own best travel companion

Traveling is eye-opening, and you always have the best time when you're on your own.

You like to meet places, new people, but everything is much easier when you're on your own. The only time you actually need someone is to take pictures of you posing on one of your adventures.

You practice self-care

From eating healthy to massages and regular visits to the gym, you're taking the best possible care of yourself.

It's not some sort of self-obsession, in fact, you know your worth, you're in touch with your desires, so self-care comes naturally and effortlessly.

You're never bored when you're alone

Nothing can beat taking yourself our for dinner or losing yourself in a good book.

Your time is precious, and you're not wasting it. You're only doing things you love, and you don't care about being single, because you're never lonely.

Relationships give you anxiety

You tried. You went on dates, gave people chances, but at the end of the day, you always felt better when you were doing things on your own.

Your exes either see you as independent or selfish. Maybe it's neither, perhaps both. But, you do love your freedom, and people who try to set you up will regret it!

You enjoy sex, but not intimacy

It's not like you haven't tried. You just love your life the way it is, and no amount of romance or intimacy will change your mind.

Despite being social, having meaningful friendships, and respect for others, you don't see yourself as a part of a couple.

Still, anything is possible

When someone is that comfortable and independent, they might make an ideal partner. There are many unconventional, but healthy relationships, where the couple enjoys spending time together as much as they enjoy being on their own.

A delighted single person doesn't advertise it. You are open to new experiences, and you know that there may be someone you'll like more than your single life. But for now, it's perfectly clear that you're not lonely. You are thriving!

One can be in a relationship, and feel alone and miserable. Similarly, you don't need a partner to lead a fulfilled life. Maybe you're supposed to stay single, and that's more than fine!