7 Clear Signs You're In A Toxic Friendship And You Need To End It

7 Clear Signs You’re In A Toxic Friendship And You Need To End It

We all have at least one toxic friend. When they start bringing too much negativity, drama or spread lies, it's time to call it quits. Here are seven signs that these so-called friends stepped too far.

Toxic people are exhausting; they drain our energy and bring us unexpected and unwanted surprises. Only when you are invested in the friendship, it becomes evident that the relationship is no longer healthy for your mind. And it can be hard to face the truth, to admit to yourself that a person you chose as a friend is toxic and needs to get out of your life.


How can you tell if your friend is toxic? Here are five examples:

They use you

Narcissists and arrogant faux friends are well-known users. They will use your connections, finances, play mind games, to get whatever is that they want.

It doesn't seem evident at first, and it's reasonable to help out a friend. But the moment you stop feeling comfortable with them is a clear sign that it's time to part your ways.


They make you feel worthless

If someone's continually reminding you of your failures, without even so much as mentioning your numerous accomplishments, they aren't your friends.

A good friend will call you out, maybe make you feel a bit uncomfortable. But, you can feel it in your gut that they are doing it for your good. Similarly, if someone is always bringing you down, you can feel that they enjoy watching you suffer.


Life's hard as it is, and we need friends who will lift us. Not the ones who will make us feel worthless.

You make bad decisions around them

Toxic people like to watch others struggle. They will support your bad choices, and even make you question your moral stances.

It gives them a sense of power and control. It's also a rationalization of their damaging behaviors. Don't let them get to you, or change for the worse.


You're the one always listening

Not only you're not allowed to express opinions, but some toxic friends simply won't shut up.

You're supposed to save them, though they live for the drama. They are acting like they're in a movie, and you're just a sidekick.

You don't need that in your life. It's exhausting and utterly pointless. Friends share!


You aren't yourself around them

It's quite simple: they don't accept you, and you're acting as if there's nothing wrong with it.

There's no honesty in that kind of friendship. If you have to pretend, or if you know they want you to be anyone but yourself, walk away.

Change is significant and impossible to avoid. But pretending is unhealthy. And admit it: it's your fault for wasting your time with people who accept you for everything you are.


They are possessive

If your friend is acting like a jealous husband, it's time to remove them from your life.

It's a sign of a controlling person who wants you to play by their rules.

Though not common, these kinds of friendships can be more than toxic for your mind, and they can be dangerous as well. Walk away before it's too late.


They aren't reliable

At first, it doesn't seem like a big deal, but it becomes increasingly annoying that you can't have a friend in need. You can't make plans, and if you do, you need back up, because they might cancel at the last minute.

They are selfish people, and it's their understanding that you need to be around them only when they need you. But, friendship shouldn't be that one-sided and exhausting.