Many of us like to say best friends forever (BFFs); but how many truly mean these words? For 7 best friends from China, these words were put into action when they decided to build themselves a mansion they would all share even to their old age.

Besides making us all look like phoneys when we say BFF, these 7 women also make us envious and delighted that beautiful fantasies can actually come true.

Imagine how it would be having the assurance that you would live with your best friends forever, even into old age. Seriously, just imagine that.

Can’t wait to hear the whole story? Just about time, can’t wait to tell you all about this amazing group of friends either.

1. It Was A Joke, At First

As with most things friends plan together, the idea to buy a mansion and spend a lifetime there began as a joke. But this is a joke that went too far in the best possible way. The joke became a plan, and the merits of growing old together were overwhelming for the seven women. So, they bought an old house and turned it into a beautiful mansion. They live there as we speak.

2. The House Was Pretty Bad

If you see the pictures of the house before it became the famous mansion it is today, you would wonder who in their right minds would want to pay for it. It was practically inhabitable. But with a little dedication and some cash, this worn out house turned into a very beautiful mansion.


3. The Outdoors Are Amazing

The house has a swimming pool, obviously. But it also has a bamboo walkway that lets you take in the beautiful natural beauty that surrounds the house.

4. You’ll Wish You Lived Here

This house is beautiful, we’ll give them that. The kitchen is massive, and there are many places to enjoy yourself throughout the beautiful mansion. The windows are dramatic and breathtaking, running from the floor to the ceiling to offer the occupants beautiful panoramic views of the beautiful scenery around the house. The women outdid themselves with this project, and they have left many envious of their incredible achievement.


5. Everybody Gets Some Private Space

There is a huge communal area in the ground floor of this house. But there is more. The house has huge bedrooms for each of the women to enjoy their own space when necessary. These rooms feature an open-plan design that leaves room for each woman to include some personal design choices.


This is just amazing. How many friends have dreamed of having such a life, or owning such a beautiful mansion? Yet these seven women did it. This goes to show just what friends can achieve when they come together. Imagine living next to your best friend forever.