7 Alarming Signs It's Time To Simplify Your Life Now!

7 Alarming Signs It’s Time To Simplify Your Life Now!

Living life to the fullest often implies pushing yourself to the breaking point. Sometimes the best thing to do is to simplify your life. Ambition may be taking its toll on your health and happiness.

There's a strange comfort in simplicity. It doesn't mean you're not proactive or that you're about to get lazy. It's about getting in touch with nature and slowing down, as well as getting to know yourself and creating a mindful environment.


Do you need to simplify your life? You're about to find out, and once you do, start implanting changes that will make everything easier.

Your life depends on technology

It's incredible what technology does for us every day, but if you're always on your phone, you have a problem.

Being connected all the time is not a joking matter. You're addicted to your phone, laptop, even watch, and you're losing human contact. Your gadgets are keeping you awake, and your texting is putting your life in danger.


You're becoming superficial

Instead of reading, you're looking at Instagram. And instead of going to a gallery, you're shopping. It's too easy to become superficial with all these modern distractions.

Remember your favorite books, music, memories from holidays, and try to give your attention to non-materialistic, soul-feeding things. You'll discover that you're much more than you are now. In fact, you might find that you were once a sincere, thoughtful person who got stuck in a fast, modern world.


You have too much stuff

Clutter is bad for your mental health. The more materialistic, useless things you have, the less space there is for growth.

Do some good by donating or earn extra money by selling things you no longer find useful. Let your living space breathe, and your house will become home.

You're overspending

No matter how much you earn, you cannot stop shopping, and you're always in trouble with the finances. From your groceries to entertainment, tech gadgets, you need to set some boundaries.


Before you buy another thing, ask yourself, do you even need it? New phone every year, another pair of same old shoes or eating out, again? Does it help you become a better person, or do you appreciate yourself more?

Obviously, no, but if you start spending more mindfully, you will get to enjoy your shopping more.

You don't have "me" time

If you can't find time to show some self-love and enjoy being on your own, you won't be able to become a caring friend or partner. If you're always with others, you lose the sense of your true self, and you don't want that.


Having "me" time is a real luxury. You get to relax, recharge, and learn more about the most critical person in your life: you!

You're always on the run

Do you feel like you're being chased? Because that's what happens where you're always in a rush, running instead of walking.

When you stop and start to notice things, you'll be more proactive. It's not something you start overnight. It's a habit that needs developing. But, you need to prioritize, slow down, and allow yourself to be in this moment.


You're multitasking all the time

Apart from rushing everything, you're trying to do a million things at once. Of course, you heard it all before: multitasking is the only way to survive in a cruel, modern business world, but it's also one of the biggest misconceptions.

The brain cannot deal with multitasking, so it's less efficient and stressful. Single-tasking is another habit you have to adapt to discover your true potential.


Simplicity will not just make you a better worker or a better friend. It will provide you happiness, inspire you to always be in the now, and teach you to trust your instincts. You're not alone: most of us lost pieces of ourselves in this rat race called modern life, but we have the power to change that!