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67-Year-Old Woman Quit Job As Florist To Enjoy Orgies With Men As Young As 20

67-year-old woman quit job as florist to enjoy orgies with men as young as 20

Siobhan is your typical 60-something woman. Yet, what makes her different is the simple fact that she's a Liberty Elite club member and enjoys orgies with much younger men.

Before your put on your judging glasses, here's a big twist. This lady never enjoyed sex since she was assaulted as a teenager. When she discovered the swingers, she was already 57, and that's the first time she felt what all the fuss was about.

Her story was documented by one British TV station.

Revealing her truth on Channel 4 show Swingers

Siobhan is a retired florist. She's just like any woman in your life. But, she revealed to Channel 4's Swingers that she has a thing for orgies.

In the show Swingers, she took us behind the scene and explained what it's like to be part of the exclusive club and enjoying sex with multiple partners, often simultaneously.

Despite Britain's prudish reputation, swinging is more popular than ever. Over a 1.5million Brits are on the scene, and Siobhan is just one of them.

Ten years of joy in the playroom

Siobhan didn't care about sex for most of her life. But, after ten years in the swinging scene, she's now thrilled with it and loves throwing orgies with younger men.

Her typical date is in her playroom consist of up to many as eight men in their 20s over for orgies. She spoke about the age gap:

"When I first did this, I couldn't believe a twenty-year-old would want to have sex with a sixty-something-year-old, but they do, and I'm happy to oblige."

The playroom's quite lovely, actually

Instead of a scene from 50 shades of Grey, Siobhan's playroom looks quite lovely. There are teddy bears and floral bedsheets.

But what goes behind closed doors is quite intriguing and still undiscovered for many of us.

Speaking about her daily "experiences", she said:

"The most sessions I've had in a day is probably three or four."

However, the best thing for Siobhan is that she now enjoys sex and feels empowered. As Siobhan stated:

"Swinging is very empowering. I'm in charge of my life, and swinging is part of that life. The main thing is being in control of my sex life."

She concluded:

"I'm in charge of my life, and swinging is part of that life."

Embracing what makes you happy

Just because it's different, it doesn't have to be wrong. Going from a sexual assault to finally having pleasurable sex after four decades is a big deal. And as long as there's consent and everyone's of age, people should do more things that make them happy.

That's what Siobhan is doing.

The Swingers was filmed before the Covid-19 pandemic, and hopefully, this program will resume once the pandemic's over.