62-Year-Old Granny Wants To Get Eighth Child With Her 25-Year-Old Husband

A woman aged 62 has justified her choice to pursue an eighth child with her partner who is almost 40 years younger than her.

Last year, Cheryl McGregor (62) and Quran McCain (25), a couple famous on TikTok, announced their intention to have a child through a surrogate.

Despite being a mother to seven children and a grandmother to 17, McGregor and McCain's 37-year age difference in their relationship has been met with criticism online. Furthermore, their willingness to spend £120,000 ($144,453), if necessary, to have a child together has also faced criticism.

The couple has persisted in defending their desire to become parents, with McGregor stating that her age will not affect her ability to be a good mother.

McCain and McGregor, who got married last September, were guests on yesterday's episode of This Morning, where they discussed their intentions of having a child with hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

McGregor was asked about the public's reaction to their decision to become parents and she replied: "I guess just because of my age, I can't take care of a baby? What? I've got more energy than half of these kids that are taking care of babies now. And I don't see it as a problem."

"No, I cannot have a baby myself, but we have done the surrogate thing, where we've already had three surrogates and right now, we're looking for another one. And also maybe adoption."

They also aired a segment from the Stacey Dooley Sleeps Over USA documentary on the program.

During the Stacey Dooley Sleeps Over USA documentary, comments that McGregor and McCain received on social media were shown, with some suggesting that the couple is only together "to stay relevant on TikTok." The duo has gathered over three million followers on the platform.

McCain said: "At the end of the day, this is our love and a lot of people are speculating our love. You can say whatever you want and how you feel and we can't control that, and that's understandable."

"But regardless of if we were on TikTok or not, our life still isn't normal to society."

During the interview with Schofield and Willoughby, McCain concluded with the following statement: "You can keep spectating through the screen and we're still going to keep living our lives because we're happy."

"We're very much happy, this is a happy, healthy marriage. We're looking to start our family and this is all we got, we good."

McGregor added: "Us against the world."