6-Year-Old Pictured Eating Alone After Nobody Turned Up To His Birthday Party

6-year-old Pictured Eating Alone After Nobody Turned Up To His Birthday Party

Kids' birthdays are meant to be fun, with sweets, presents, games, and guests, who, in most cases, are the kids' friends, right?

Friends add fun to any birthday, but what happens if your child sends out invitations to their friends and they end up not showing up? As a mom, you'll obviously be mad and sad for your child, but you never know what good might come out of it. Here's a case that perfectly explains this scenario:‍

A boy from Tucson, Arizona, named Teddy, invited 32 of his pals from school to his birthday party that was to be held at Peter Piper Pizza restaurant. He had everything planned out, and there was a cute smile on his face as he waited for his buddies to show. Minutes turned to hours and the day came to a disappointing close with none of the guests showing up. Brave Teddy took the disappointment bravely and struggled to take it like a grown-up, but from his face, you could easily see that he could burst into tears at any time.

Do you know what the saddest part is? Teddy's mom, Sil, took it upon herself to fill bags with goodies for all the expected guests. The least that any of them would do, even if it would only be 10 of them, is show up and celebrate with their friend. It gets worse. Some of the parents confirmed that their sons would make it on the day before the party. A message to say there had been a change of plans would have gone a long way.

Anyway, things took a totally positive turn in the end. Thanks to a reporter who made his story known to the public, Teddy's day turned out to be better than he had ever expected. Best wishes and words of comfort streamed in from kind-hearted strangers with beautiful hearts. Some went the extra mile to buy the cute 6-year-old presents. Others hugged him and did their best to put a smile on his once sad face. Others could also relate to what he was going through since they had their share of birthday disappointments.

Teddy also got free tickets from The Phoenix Suns to go and watch as they faced off against the Lakers in a basketball game. How cool is that? Teddy's mom thanked the entire community for their love and kindness. Teddy also had the pleasure to thank all his new friends whom he didn't even know too. It would be nice to see the looks on the faces of his friends. If they had attended, things wouldn't have taken this beautiful turn. This shows that when one door closes in life, a much better one opens and brings great things beyond your imagination.

As moms or women in general, we all want the best for those around us, especially our kids. If this doesn't happen, the best thing to do is play your part and stay calm, as Sil did. Now Teddy has a reason to smile. He and his family spent his special day going through the beautiful messages from his new thoughtful friends.