6 Ways To Rock Booty Shorts In The Winter

6 Ways To Rock Booty Shorts In The Winter

Just because it is winter, there might be snow on the ground, and the temperature is falling below freezing, does not mean that booty shorts are out of season. To make it clear, booty shorts are made for every single season. A staple in any closet, booty shorts is always looking to be matched with fun accessories and outlandish outfits. Whether you want to layer up so you can rock them outside in the cold or find the perfect indoor moment to expose your legs, we have got you covered, literally.

Follow this guide to find the 6 best ways to rock booty shorts in cold months, keep yourself warm, and look amazing while you do it. But know while reading along, that these are not just ideas for booty shorts for women, but in 2022 booty shorts are for every body type and gender. Split into two major sections, we have the trendiest ways to layer your booty shorts if you're outside and the cutest ways to rock booty shorts if you're inside for the winter.


Chaps, Chaps, Chaps:

This isn't the wild wild west, but Chaps are making a comeback in 2022. Providing extra coverage and warmth, chaps are the perfect way to spice up your outfit while adding a little bit of extra warmth. Besides raves and drag shows, chaps have been showing up on the runways recently confirming themselves as a staple in today's fashion. Try going holo for some extra flair, leather for a classic feel, or even fun bell bottoms for a vintage vibe.

Skirts - Mini Or Tennis:

Tennis and mini skirts are the perfect layering option to add some coverage for your booty shorts. If you're feeling a little self-conscious or feel as though you don't want your booty showing too much, adding a mini skirt can add length and always looks cute with the outfit. You can find plenty of booty shorts that come with matching tennis skirts, or it is super trendy to throw on a holo mini skirt over the short shorts.

Leggings And Tights:

The ultimate classic, leggings or tights are the perfect way to make sure you stay warm with your booty shorts. Throwing them on under your favorite pair of shorts, allows you to still rock your best look and make sure you are warm while you are doing it. Walk your way to the gym, make your way to the club, or even just rock booty shorts like the hot fashion they are right now. To add a new level, explore different types of leggings in your looks by playing with holo, sheer, strapped, cutouts, and fun patterns.


Dance At An Indoor Rave Or Club:

Imagine the snow is blistering, you're running from the car into the warm haven of the club, and then BOOM: take off your layered pants to reveal the cutest booty shorts. You are ready to dance and impress everyone on the dance floor with your moves… and your determination. Just because it's called coat check doesn't mean that they won't be willing to check all of your other clothing items while you are having the time of your life, legs free of extra fabric. Once you are dancing indoors the cold will just be an old figment of your imagination, well, until the night is over and you have to head home.

Comfy Sleep Shorts:

Booty shorts do not just have to be for going out or clubbing, but some of the cutest booty shorts are comfy for bedtime. Find your favorite pair of cotton booty shorts, cuddle up with a soft blanket, and stay warm from the comforts of your own home. The perfect comfy outfit to wear for an indoor movie night with your partner, booty shorts are always great to add a little spice. Bonus points for putting on your favorite song and dancing around your place, making you feel like you are living in the heat of summer.

Style Your Own Photoshoot:

Sometimes you just need to find your reason to dress up, and the perfect opportunity is a photoshoot. Set up a ring light and a tripod, and have your perfect indoor photoshoot. Try on your newest short shorts, put together looks ready for summer, and even get some adorable social media content out of it. Take your shoot to the next level by hanging up some fun colored paper from the craft store or one of your favorite blankets as a backdrop. Become inspired to make it feel like summer by using fun props such as flowers, pool toys, or popsicles. Or switch it up and rock your booty shorts in an indoor winter wonderland with fake snow, beanies, and stuffed animals.