6 Ways To Recognize And Nourish Your Sensitive Nature

6 Ways To Recognize And Nourish Your Sensitive Nature

You can be sensitive and strong, but first, you must do what's logical: accept your sensitivity.

Having a sensitive soul should be celebrated, but it's often seen as a sign of weakness. We can't change that, but we can help our fellow vulnerable spirits to understand their strengths.

You're a person full of potential, empathy, and kindness. Don't let anyone bully you into thinking otherwise because you are on the path to unravel an extraordinary emotional intelligence. Use it as an advantage, but first, make peace with your sensitive, sensual nature.

How do you even label yourself as a sensitive soul? Here are five ways to understand and accept your place in the world.

You are a friend everyone needs

HSP (highly sensitive person) is capable of creating meaningful relationships that last a lifetime. Your empathy may seem like a burden, but it is what makes you unique and beloved.

Your attention to other people's needs, and the way you truly give your best to understand and accept them fully, are some of the most desirable qualities in a human. If someone thinks differently, they lack sensuality, or even worse: they're afraid of their feelings.

You feel everything, all the time

All those feelings… It's not always easy for you to understand your urges to cry or to comfort a stranger. But, that's the thing: your highly sensitive nervous system is easily overwhelmed, and running away isn't healthy.

It is not hard to assume people see you as a constant victim or a weak person. However, many susceptible people are stronger than those who aren't in touch with their feelings.

Growing up wasn't easy

Once you're labeled as the "sensitive" one, you did a lot to run away from it.

Not only were people acting as your emotions aren't real, you doubted them yourself. You're no stranger to overthinking and anxiety. Accepting you're HSP is a blessing, and treat it like a superpower.

You're self-aware, kind, and flexible. You just need to show a bit more self-love to enjoy your gift.

You're more introverted

It's not like you don't like the company, or you are antisocial. Contrary to popular beliefs, compassionate souls love to hang out with people they know and love.

However, you may have to work on your social skills since you overthink and criticize yourself a bit too much.

Learning to relax with various techniques will help you find a balance between the introvert and the extrovert hiding in you.

You worry

Anxiety goes hand in hand with Highly sensitive souls. This is no accident: you feel other people's energies and assume everyone's as emotional as you.

You're not looking for validation. Instead, you always think if you said or did something to hurt someone. You over-analyze situations and people and worry.

To avoid severe social anxiety, HSP should spend more time treating themselves with such care, as they do with others.

You're a crier

The fact that you let go of your emotions through crying isn't harming anyone. You can burst into tears from watching a movie or listening to music. You can feel tears, even when you're very happy.

Though you wish you weren't such a crier, it's better to let to than to stop feeling. You know that, so carry a box of tissues while working on accepting and loving yourself more.