People have different ways of having pleasure in bed. No one can be perfect. Some can be grown adults, but they fail to know how to please a woman in bed. Some can also be young adults, but they can make women run to them for more. This proves that age does not matter how a man can satisfy the opposite sex. The skills and how one composes himself is what matters. The one who really knows how to treat you well in bed can be said to be a grown ass man. This is the factor that differentiates a real man from the others.

Firstly, a grown-ass man keeps in mind that it is not all about his own pleasure but also the pleasure of the partner. All he does is focus on your happiness and satisfaction. The most important part is the foreplay. This is where a man tries to get you in the mood. This part should be slow, no hurry. It should take the longest time so that you get the urge and are ready for it. It involves kissing slowly and gently with passion, doing it as if nothing else is going to happen. Then paying attention to your breasts, touching and caressing every part of your body so as to turn you on.

Then again, a grown as man is an open-minded person. He tries to find out what is best for you. He tries new styles, especially those that seem to fit you in bed. He should do anything to make you get to orgasm. Doing the same thing, again and again, gets boring. A grown man should always come up with new ways of pleasing you. He should give it the way you want. More so, the man should respect you and your boundaries. If he tries something and you say no, then he is obliged to listen to you. The act is for the both of you, not him alone. As a result, the action will be enjoyable since you will feel the honor and respect you deserve when things are done your way.

A man has a responsibility to show that he cares. Everything he does should depict that you have a warm, nice and special place in his heart and mind. The affection he has for you will determine if you will enjoy the play in bed. For women, it is all about the mind, not the act itself. What he makes you think is all that determines the bottom line for everything that will take place.

Furthermore, women like men who are somehow rough, those who show a few of their animal instincts during the act. A little bit rough is harmless. However, being rough and being abusive has a thin line of difference. A grown man ought to know the difference. He should be rough in a way that makes you feel good and comfortable. Not in a way that he wants to kill you. Let him figure out the extent in which he has to be rough.

Another way a grown-ass manhandles a woman is talking dirty to her during the act. However, let this not be confused with insulting you. He has to tell you what he feels. Let him tell you how he really wants to kiss you, touch and caress your breasts, how sweet you are, how he wants to penetrate you slowly and deeply. Such talks turn women on and thus might make you get to orgasm. This will make the sex enjoyable for the both of you. Subsequently, he should let you know when he is about to climax, this shows how much your needs are important to him, especially during such intense moments. The sex is said to be amazing when both of you are on climax. Therefore, when he lets you know about his climax, you will let him know where you are. In this situation, he will know what to do if you are almost on climax. He also has to know what to do if you are not yet close.

Lastly, what also matters is the aftercare. This is what happens after sex. A grown-ass man knows that cuddling along with communication is important after sex. This will enable you to know that he cares about you and that he was not just after sex. He has to ask you how you feel if you are okay or want more. He should also have to comment if he enjoyed. This part is the most crucial because it will determine if you will come again or not.