6 Toxic Habits That Deny You Happiness

6 Toxic Habits That Deny You Happiness

Happiness comes from within. So, why are you having such a hard time finding something that's already within you?

Allow me to tell you today that your habits might be stealing your joy and suppressing the happiness that should naturally flow from you.

Here are some of these habits, and it's time you do something to resolve them.

1. Laziness

Laziness is both a cause and a symptom of unhappiness. When you are unhappy, you lack motivation and just laze around.


Also, slacking off will make you feel like you are wasting your life, and you can never be happy with that feeling haunting you. So, learn to give your best and you will be happier with your life.

2. Drama

It's exciting when people are all worked up around you, but it won't give you joy. Drama makes you more as it makes people feel apart and estranged.


So, avoid the drama and find stable relationships and you will be happier.

Any relationship with drama is very unhealthy, and it will add toxicity to your life and bring you unnecessary misery.

It's pretty impossible to find happiness when you are always living under the frustrating cloud of dramatic outbursts. Drama and healthy emotional connections don't go together.

3. Worry

Worrying is wasting your effort. Why worry about tomorrow while you could be enjoying today?


There will never come a time when you have everything under control, no matter how skilled, wealthy, or healthy you are. So, it's no use worrying too much because there will always be something to worry about if you look hard enough.

4. Envy

Look around you. What valuable thing do you see?

If you are at home and think that the expensive flat screen in front of you is what I am talking about, you have some way to go before you can be happy.


Learn to value people and not things.

Whenever you place your admiration on material things, you will inevitably compare yourself to other people and nurture envy. Envy and happiness don't go together.

But when you learn to value and appreciate people, you will never envy others to the point of pitying yourself, no matter how financially well off they might be.

5. Excuses

Mistakes happen, and there is nothing unusual about that. Learn to apologize and move on instead of getting stuck in the ugly past.


So, whenever things go wrong, don't strain so much trying to come up with excuses as to why things didn't work out. If you are wrong, say you are sorry, do what you can to fix things, and then move on.

Excuses will give you stress.

6. Complaints

You can complain when the moment calls for it, but don't make a habit of it. Always having something to complain about is guaranteed to bring lots of negativity into your life, and that will take away your happiness for sure.


There is a lot you can be thankful for in this life, and you should make that your focus. Being positive whenever you get a chance will give you a shot at a happier life.

So, have you found the reason for your unhappiness? Then do something about it and be happy; life, as they say, is short.