6 Tips To Improve Study Habits Of Your Kids

Have you ever wandered through a gold mine blindfolded in the dark, hoping to stumble upon a tiny gold nugget? This sounds like a fool's trip, doesn't it? Chances are you'll never find what you're looking for. Trying to get your child to study is a little like this scenario. The only difference is that you'd also have a tantrum thrown into the mix.

Many kids have difficulties studying because they lack proper resources or find it challenging to stay focused. and other edtech platforms are consistently trying to change this narrative by integrating game-based learning into their curriculum. But there are only some things they can do. Here's how you can put your hands on deck and help improve your child's study habits:

Eliminate Distractions

This task seems like a tall order since kids can be distracted by almost anything: an old toy, cardboard with tires - you name it. However, to help your child stay focused when studying, you should remove major sources of distraction such as mobile phones and computers. It's also advisable to eliminate noises (e.g., T.Vs, noisy siblings, etc.).

Designate A Study Area

Math classrooms can be tedious, so when creating a study space for your kid, you want it to be lively yet appropriate. Set up a desk and chair for a kid in a quiet corner of the house. You could let them have a bit of fun decorating the space by themselves. That way, they'd be more involved in the process.

Set Regular Breaks

There are study habits kids improve when they're allowed to take breathers. If you push a child as hard as a slavedriver does, they will eventually associate learning with torment, and that's certainly not what you want. Thus, you'll need to set regular, short breaks between study sessions. A 5-minute break after 30 minutes of studying works just fine.

Create A Study Schedule

Want to improve your child's study habits? Routines are a great way to enforce habits. Sit down with a kid and schedule a fixed time for studying. It could be right after lunch or just before dinner. Choose whatever works for you and your kid.

Try Alternative Modes Of Studying

Let's admit it: textbooks are excellent, but they don't always work. If your child struggles to stay focused while studying with books, it might be time to switch things up a little. Throw in an educational game or online video and analyze the results.

Stay Involved

In most cases, kids don't develop or improve study habits independently. They often need an extra push or a prod to keep them going. Stick with a kid until they get the hang of it, and don't forget to be as encouraging as you can.

Final Thoughts

Improving kids' study habits can be difficult. Unlike Thanos, you can't just snap your fingers and watch the magic happen. But do not worry; with these six handy tips, you're well on your way to success. Good luck!