6 Things You Need To Know About Introverts

6 Things You Need To Know About Introverts

Being an introvert wouldn't be so bad if many people didn't bother saying how much they don't get me. But what seems like a peculiarity to these people makes perfect sense to me - it's life as I know it.

For instance, staying in my room all day would be many times better than having to deal with large crowds.

Introverts get me, though, and I guess I have to be thankful for that.

However, everyone else considers me a puzzle. Some think I am scared, standoffish, and so forth because I don't enjoy having a prolonged banter with everyone I meet.


I am none of these things, and unlike what some of these people think, I can be very talkative around the right company.

So, if introverts like me often leave you with unanswered questions, here are some things you should know about folks like us.

We Have Lots of Fun

We are anything but boring if you get to know us and get really close. We are usually very intelligent and have a sense of humor you will not find in most people.


But we have to trust you first before you get to learn of our happy-go-lucky whimsical side.

Otherwise, we can be loud, do silly things, engage in daredevil stunts, and sing karaoke. Being quiet does not mean we are boring or that we don't know how to have fun.

We Don't Like Attention

This might not be true of all introverts, but it's something you will see in most of them. Having everyone give us attention feels very overwhelming.


That is why we have a problem giving speeches, answering questions in front of people, or doing any form of public performance.

For this reason, many of us just prefer to sit back and listen. And yes, this is a challenge because many of us can walk away with our opinions unvoiced, which sucks.

We Can Be Extroverts, But Only For A Moment

We long to step outside our comfort zones, and as an extroverted friend, you can try to help us out with this, and we'd love you for it.


During these moments, we can be extroverts, but that only lasts a moment.

We don't enjoy doing it for long either, because it feels a bit exhausting having to deal with all that attention. Yes, attention often requires a reaction, and it's often not worth the effort for an introvert.

We Like To Listen

We love listening more than the average person, that's for sure. We can listen to one person after another without the urge to chip in and say something.


This is how we know people and figure out how we can interact with them in the future.

We also don't talk just for the sake of it. When we say something, it's because it feels really important, even if it's only for us.

And so, if you are in our lives, be very careful with your words because we hang on to everything you say.

We Enjoy A Quiet Night At Home

We get that Friday nights out can be lots of fun, but we prefer a quiet night at home.


This is because we like to avoid crowds in public places. However, we do really enjoy being out with friends at parties or dinners.

And when I say a quiet night at home, I don't mean staying there stewing in our own solitude. Introverts prefer to spend this time with their partners enjoying each other's company.

The best part is that we don't need much attention, which makes us pretty low maintenance. As long as you are close by, we feel loved and happy.


Sometimes We Wish We Were More Extroverted

There are times I will imagine how wonderful it must be for extroverts to feel so comfortable in large crowds of people. That seems like a superpower of sorts.

Extroverts have the ability to draw attention to themselves and yet feel so at home, which is pretty cool. Introverts sometimes wish they had the same ability.


Now tell me, do you think you have a better understanding of who an introvert is? Get one thing: we are not as complicated or as peculiar as the world likes to make us look.