6 Sure Signs You're Finally Over Your Ex

6 Sure Signs You’re Finally Over Your Ex

Breakups suck, and I know they hurt. Trust me; I've been there!

We go through stages of sadness, anger, hate, and back to sadness again. It seems like circles of the same emotions over and over, and it feels like it will never end. We have lost the one we loved and thought loved us; how could we ever feel better after this heartbreak? The truth is, everyone who gets their heart broken goes through these same stages, and we all think it is the end of the world, but I am here to tell you that it is not! Time heals all wounds, and the world is too big to be stuck in sorrow over someone who doesn't want you.

Many may wonder how long this heartbreak will last. Each person and relationship is different, and there is no telling how long it will take to heal from the heartbreak of your breakup. If you are wondering if you are still going through the motions of grief, or if you are finally getting over your ex the following signs will let you know if you are indeed moving on from them.

1. Your thoughts

You no longer spend all day every day, and all night with them consuming your every thought. You've been able to work and maybe even go out with the girls for a few drinks without your ex taking over your thoughts. You go to sleep at night without picturing him, and you can fall asleep quicker, with quieter thoughts.

2. Sleeping alone isn't so bad

You no longer stay just on your side of the bed hoping he would be on the other side. You find yourself stretched across the entire bed comfortably, and you kind of like it like that.

3. You no longer entertain him

You don't bother responding to texts or Facebook messages from them. You see that he has asked you how you are doing, but you don't even feel the want to speak to him in any form.

4. Thoughts about the bad

When you do think about your ex, you don't even bother to think about the good that you had in the relationship. You think about all the bad that has happened, and about how you are better off without him.

5. You've made plans

You have already started thinking about how your future would look without your ex. You can envision a happy life, with him nowhere in sight. You are setting goals and working toward them without him.

6. Done

You have stopped checking up on him, have stopped looking at his social media profiles. You aren't concerned with what he is doing anymore whatsoever. You have unfriended him, deleted his number, blocked him even. You know that you are just DONE.