6 Reasons To Celebrate Your Single Life

6 Reasons To Celebrate Your Single Life

Being single comes with many perks. Sure, there are times where you want to be part of a couple, but why settle when you can choose?

It seems easy to confuse a single life with loneliness and sadness. The truth is that you can be even lonelier in a couple, and it all comes down to the following reasons:


Most couples miss their freedom. It's a feeling that you can take over the world. If you feel like it.

Freedom allows us to learn, work on ourselves, and explore our true nature. Once you know yourself, you'll be able to find a proper partner, not just another fling or a broken relationship.


The only person who can make you happy is looking at you in the mirror.
Once you genuinely feel happy with your life, and yourself, being single will be a blessing. And if you do meet someone, you will be able to love, not to cling to them.


Creating long-lasting friendships is as hard as developing a meaningful relationship with a partner. It takes time to accept and appreciate your friends, and single life allows you to explore your friendships.

Be careful: if your circle of friends is too awesome, finding a partner will seem like a burden. Is that all that bad? Not really.

Drama free

Even the best, most stable couples have their dramatic moments. From screaming matches to frustrating silences, scenes follow relationships.
Maybe you'll be ready to get into that dating pool, but until then, enjoy your peace and calm waters.

The bed is yours

The bed symbolizes your freedom. No one's going to judge your sleeping, eating habits, but wait, there's more.

Sleeping alone is healthy for your brain! Research shows that those who sleep alone get more peaceful sleep and experience less sleep deprivation.

Instead of seeing an empty bed, see it for what it is, a place for rest, meditations, reading, and getting the fuel to take over your next assignment.


Understanding and loving yourself first is necessary for successful and healthy relationships later on in life.
There's no need to rush when you have to learn to love, respect yourself, and eventually get to know your value.

You can choose to be picky because you're not afraid of being single.

You won't feel like staying single for good, but there are so many upsides, and if you can't see them, you're not ready to be a part of the couple!