6 Reasons I Am Proud To Be Petty

To be clear, I admit that I can be quite petty. Whenever I feel like someone has done me wrong (which happens often), I tend to retaliate in any way I can. While some people might judge this kind of behavior, I don't see it as a problem as long as it's harmless and not causing any real damage. In fact, I believe that more people should embrace their pettiness instead of trying to hide it.

1. Everyone Else Is, Too

Petty behavior has become a common thing nowadays, often discussed in the context of romantic relationships. For instance, when your partner cheats on you and you take revenge on them, or when Beyonce released an album to respond to Jay-Z's affair (or so it seems). However, being petty can take many forms, such as slowing down your vehicle when someone tailgates you. If you claim that you have never acted solely to irritate someone, then congratulations because...


2. There's No Prize For Taking The High Road

It's a fact that some people will treat you poorly. You could try to be mature and rise above it, but what's the point? While taking the high road might make you feel better about yourself, it won't necessarily benefit you in any way. Being petty, on the other hand, can be a harmless and entertaining way to watch the other person squirm.


3. The World Is Cruel And So Are You

The world can be harsh and unforgiving. As a young girl, my mother instilled in me the belief that life is difficult and will ultimately lead to death. The reality is that the world doesn't care about your aspirations and is rife with problems. But you can fight back in your own way. Being petty can serve as a coping mechanism, and I have to admit...


4. It Is Cathartic As Hell

There are people who are just plain losers. They wrong you day in and day out, and being petty is a way to get back at them without making a fuss. Let them cause the drama. Maybe you wash all your dishes but leave your roommate's in the sink, or maybe you leave someone on read. You'll probably feel a little better about yourself, and no one else needs to know.


5. It Is Empowering

Let's discuss the act of leaving people on read. I don't do that to someone who is acting respectfully. If I leave someone on read, it means they've done something to upset me. As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." Since I started being petty, I've realized the truth in that statement. My small acts of pettiness give me a sense of power and agency in an unpleasant situation.


6. Petty People Get Stuff Done

Petty people often have a negative image, but they can be effective in their own way. Personally, I tend to be too passive in my interactions with others and struggle to assert myself. Instead, I let my actions convey my dissatisfaction. I usually give someone one or two reminders if they're doing something that bothers me, but if they don't comply, I'll resort to changing the Wi-Fi password.