6 Real Physical Signs Someone Is Thinking About You

It’s lovely to be in the mind of someone you cherish.

But is there a way for you to know when this is happening? As it turns out, there is.

Everyone can be a mind reader, as long as they can learn to listen to their hunches and watch out for other physical signs. For instance, a look can be all that tells you that someone is thinking about you.

You could be sitting in the same room, each minding their own business, but then turn to look at each other and your eyes meet. Then you smile and turn back to continue with what you were doing. Signs like that prove that you are on each other’s minds.

In other words, there is usually an invisible bond between people that can reveal deep insights into what is going on in the other person’s mind. We have the ability to pick up the vibes of those around us, which is why you get the instinct to avoid someone because you feel unsafe even without any visible evidence to prove it.

In the same way, you can pick up the positive energy people have about you and even tell when they have you on their minds.

All these are the wonders of the subconscious mind; and here are some signs that someone has you on their minds.

1. A rush of positive energy

Sometimes you can get an unexplained rush of positive energy. That is because your mind can tell, even from far away, that someone is having great thoughts about you. If you have a partner, it could mean that your significant other is thinking about you. You might even feel nice sensations on your cheeks or your back as you imagine your partner touching you, a clear sign that they are thinking about you in a deep and sensual way.

2. Weird eye movements

First of all, allergies don’t count here. However, if your eyes, for no apparent reason, just go crazy and start twitching, it could be because your mind is on to something. This can mean that you are on someone’s mind, but it’s no guarantee that they like you. If it’s an itch and a twitch in your right eye, then the person thinking about you has no positive thoughts towards you. If it’s the left eye, it means someone is in love with you or falling for you. For the guys, it is the other way round.

3. A subconscious smile

Ever found yourself smiling for no reason or even trying to hold back a smile because you felt so happy at a moment when the emotion did not make sense? That could be the subconscious telling you that you are on someone’s mind. So, if you meet someone, and it seems they are having such a smile, then you are probably on their minds and have been there for some time. And you can always tell when the smile is simply more than a sign of politeness, but a subconscious manifestation of the fact that he has been thinking about you.

4. Feelings of love

If someone acts towards you in a way that seems like they are in love, then it means that you are probably constantly on their minds. When looking for love, we look for someone who meets certain qualities we already have in our heads about the perfect partner; and when that person appears, the fantasy dream partner becomes a reality. That person could be you if you are getting this kind of affectionate attention from an admirer.

5. Tension

If your mind is tense for a reason you cannot explain, you might be on someone’s mind. You could be in the middle of something and then you feel as if your mind has suddenly frozen. In this case, it could mean that it senses that you might be getting negative attention from someone. For instance, someone might be badmouthing you. You can also get hiccups and blood rushing to your cheeks.

6. Unpredictable emotional changes

Sometimes you are in the moment, having a good time with everyone else. Then, without any warning, you feel your emotions change, and you find no joy in the exciting things happening around you. That is a sign that someone is thinking of you and messed up with your energy.

We are not in a position to understand every sensation that we experience, and it’s because our minds are capable of more than we can imagine. But the next time you witness the above signs, it could be that someone is thinking about you.