6 Myths About Cougar Dating Busted: Here's The Truth

6 Myths About Cougar Dating Busted: Here’s The Truth

It's nothing new. Cougar dating has been around for the last decade or so, and many theories have come up to explain it.

People in favor of cougar dating rationalize its existence. At the same time, ignorant and narrow-minded people have put their two cents concerning the matter. And this group of people spreads hurtful rumors about cougars and dating.

Today, we expose the real truth. It's simple: we'll look at six myths floating around about cougar dating and explain why these myths are complete hogwash.

1. They Are Vicious Predators

No, cougars are not predators. They don't spend the better parts of their day coming up with plans to reel in young men and have their way with them.

The truth is that cougars are normal women. Maybe a little adventurous but still normal in every way. These women are not shy about exploring their sexuality.

But otherwise, the young men who end up in their arms make that choice. They are not tricked into it as many people seem to think.

2. The Young Guy Will Cheat

Cheating is possible in all kinds of relationships, but some think cougars are guaranteed to suffer betrayal. That's not true.

There are many young men who treasure their relationships with older women.

Some young men genuinely prefer to date older women, and they don't suffer from an incurable urge to cheat on them as many like to imagine. Cheating can happen in any relationship, and so can faithfulness.

3. It Gets Boring After A While

People imagine that relationships between young and old people end fast because of boredom. "What do they even talk about?" many people wonder.

Some of these relationships are very exciting, and the guy and his mature lover can explore lots of interests and hobbies together. Many stable relationships don't enjoy this benefit.

4. Cougars Are Socially Incompatible With Their Young Romantic Interests

Not true. Cougars and their dates may have a significant generation gap between them, but that does not mean they are socially incompatible.

Those dating cougars sometimes introduce them to their friends, and cougars also tend to do the same. You would be surprised at how many people accept cougar relationships.

5. It's Fetishism

This is a demeaning way to describe someone's relationship. And also a blatant lie. Many cougars and their younger lovers did not plan on falling in love with someone who is so much older or younger than them.

It's not about a young man looking for a mature woman while she looks for a young man to satisfy her unusual urges. People meet and connect before they get into relationships.

6. The Family Will Say No

Yes, some families will put up some resistance when faced with this kind of relationship. But not all of them. If genuine love is evident, the families can be quite supportive. Yes, including the cougar's children.

Cougars and their young lovers are people with families that care about them and want them to be happy. And if the couple can overlook the age difference and enjoy what they can offer each other, then many of their loved ones can do the same, even if it might be a little grudgingly at first. No one can stand against the tide of love.

So, what's the lesson here? Each couple you see together has to overcome certain odds to make it work. Family, society, and other people might resist, but in the end, the depth of connection between two people is what matters the most. People end up together because there is something special between them they cannot find with other people. And that's that.