6 Greatest Things About Sharing A Bed With Someone

6 Greatest Things About Sharing A Bed With Someone

There are some undeniable joys about sleeping alone in your bed. You get to have the entire bed to yourself. This gives you a chance to enjoy multiple hours of peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. However, there is one thing that's even better than this. Proven by science, sharing your bed with someone else is the best feeling ever. When you share your bed with someone, going to sleep at night becomes more than routine. It evolves into an intimate activity that arouses comfort, connection, and most of all fun! Here are 6 fantastic things about sharing your bed with someone.

● It is good for your mental and emotional state

Sharing your bed with someone can improve your emotional health. It does this by reducing your levels of anxiety and stress. Sharing your bed with a person you care about even releases oxytocin into your body. This hormone causes feelings of bliss, security, and happiness. Furthermore, it reduces inflammation and blood pressure as well.

● You get to enjoy some pillow talk

We all know how nice some pillow talk can be. For some of us, it is even more intimate than any other activity that occurs in bed. Sharing a conversation with someone right before you fall asleep or after making love creates a mental and emotional connection between you and your partner. It also allows you to know them deeper than ever before. Sharing some pillow talk is one of the best things about sharing a bed with someone.

● There is always a lot of cuddling

This is one of the best parts of an intimate relationship. Cuddling feels good and elicits feelings of desire and security. It improves mental and physical health while also creating a foundation for a healthy relationship. It adds spice to sharing a bed with someone that you care about.

● The other person keeps you warm

During the cold season, nothing can beat sharing your bed with someone. They become a source of heat and comfort. Should the blanket slip off you during the night, they are always there to cover you up. Moreover, they can keep you warm and cuddly by holding you close. It is one of the main benefits of sharing a bed with someone.

● Making sweet love in the morning

Few experiences can deliver as much pleasure as morning sex. Whether it is scheduled or not, this exciting activity has you starting your day on the highest note ever. The flood of pleasure hormones all over your body is bound to keep you joyous and smiling all day long.

● Seeing the person that you care about most right in front of you when you wake up

The majority of us can admit to being absolutely fascinated with the experience of waking up and seeing the person that we care most about right in front of us. You just want to stroke their hair or touch their lips lovingly. For a minute, you are able to look into their soul. While long hours of this may turn creepy, a few minutes of admiring your partner is simply divine!

Sharing your bed with someone that you care about gives you an amazing feeling. It has mental and physical benefits. The sensual care that you give and receive promotes positive emotions. Some of the greatest things about this are indicated above. We can relate to some or all of them on a personal level.