6 Foreplay Tips To Get You Excited

6 Foreplay Tips To Get You Excited

Foreplay is an important part of lovemaking. This special time, during which everything revolves around cuddling, petting, and seduction, strengthens the bond and the feeling of togetherness in the relationship.

Foreplay also increases the desire for each other. It also helps you to find out what really turns the other person on.

These foreplay tips increase sexual arousal and the quality of sexual intercourse. Even a one-night stand can become something special if you apply proven foreplay tips.

Below are six foreplay tips for an unforgettable night.

How You Can Make Your Partner Really Hot

7 Foreplay Tips To Get You Excited

Sex can be so much more than classic intercourse with a final climax. Good foreplay can be at least as fulfilling as the actual act. The aim is to discover and stimulate the erogenous zones of the other person. This increases the erotic tension. So, use these foreplay tips to enjoy richer love life.

When you get down to business, the act will be noticeably more satisfying with foreplay. But what are erogenous zones and how do foreplay tips really work? Here you will find the most important answers and foreplay tips that will leave you craving for more.

The Difference Between Petting And Foreplay

7 Foreplay Tips To Get You Excited

Passionate smooching, intense fumbling, or sensual massages: foreplay tips can be as diverse as love. Even if you've been with the same person for years, they can still improve your relationship.

You just have to bring some variety into the lovemaking by following sensual foreplay tips. But before we get into the details of the "how," let's clear up the "what. "

Sex is like sports: it's only half as good without a warm-up. That's why following these hot foreplay tips is not only lust-enhancing but also important. The tips help strengthen the interpersonal bond.

Also, sometimes foreplay can be better than the main act. Cuddling is the perfect starting position for this, as there is already close physical contact. The anticipation can be increased with erotic touches and kisses in the intimate area.

An orgasm is also not uncommon. Most of the foreplay tips have a happy ending! Whether it's oral sex or penetration with your fingers, whether fast or slow - that's entirely up to you. With sex toys, the sexual overture can become even more exciting.

Petting comes from the English "to pet," and it means "to caress." It can be a secret butt touch on the street or a passionate kiss. When it comes to petting, many women and men think of it as their first sexual act, even if it was followed by cuddling rather than sleeping together.

A distinction is also made between "soft petting" and "heavy petting." The first is limited to fumbling and heavy kissing, while the second variant - even fully clothed - can bring you to the climax by rubbing or touching each other. However, penetration never occurs, not even with the fingers.

Cuddling, One Of The Most Important Foreplay Tips

7 Foreplay Tips To Get You Excited

The saying that only women benefit from successful foreplay tips is a rumor. Even if the woman has an orgasm, these foreplay tips also increase the man's anticipation.

This is partly due to a special hormone. Even gentle touches and tenderness release the hormone oxytocin, which is also known as the cuddle hormone. It makes you feel safe, happy and loved.

So, it can even help to strengthen the love between two people. And not only that: oxytocin increases desire and is also released in large quantities after sexual climax. The hormone is also released when you cuddle. So, foreplay tips not only spice up your sex life but also bring you closer to your partner.

Whether on the couch or in bed: the erotic warm-up often begins with a little tenderness or cuddling. When both parties realize they want more, it's easy to increase desire through petting or foreplay tips. Most of the time, one of the two turns out to be the seducer who is the first to make the next move.

But there are also a few things to consider when petting. Cuddling, snuggling, stroking - and always following the same pattern, and then finally getting down to business? This quickly becomes boring and has nothing to do with seduction. Find out what she or he likes, where their erogenous zones are, or just ask. What turns you on differs from woman to woman and from man to man.

Seduce your loved one with a very special offer or surprise yourself with sexy underwear. So the mutual excitement of these foreplay tips begins on the way to the bedroom as things heat up more and more.

What Is An Erogenous Zone?

7 Foreplay Tips To Get You Excited

In general, most areas of your body can be an erogenous zone, the stimulation of which triggers erotic feelings in you. If you are now asking where you can find these zones in your partner, then there is only one answer: You have to look for them.

It is well known that everyone ticks differently when it comes to eroticism: An area of ​​the body that triggers the strongest feelings in one person can be completely immune to any kind of tenderness in another. Sure: The intimate area of ​​men and women or the breasts are classic body zones that are particularly receptive to touch.

You will realize you have hit the mark in a couple of ways. Maybe your partner will get goosebumps, maybe you trigger a trembling or even a pleasant moan. The reactions are as different as the different erogenous zones themselves.

You should worry if your partner just looks at you blankly while you are pampering some part of their body. That means you are on the wrong track. Of course, you should also accept it if the other person does not react positively to your affection. But don't let that discourage you and keep looking.

How Do You Best Stimulate The Erogenous Zone?

7 Foreplay Tips To Get You Excited

Once you have found what you are looking for, you have a whole range of options for pampering this spot. Try it first with gentle caressing, then you can also use your lips. Your counterpart will most likely react particularly sensitively as soon as your tongue is used. Lick the spot a little or even nibble on it. Try everything and observe what your partner reacts to particularly strongly.

And of course, all kinds of aids are also allowed: For example, you can use a feather to create a pleasant tingling sensation, but many people also react particularly sensitively to heat or cold, for example. So, make sure you have a few ice cubes in the freezer.

How Far Can You Go?

7 Foreplay Tips To Get You Excited

Normally, your partner will let you know with their body when they want to move on to the actual act. Even foreplay can be the right time for the first climax. Many women in particular react very sensitively to caressing, kissing, and licking - and can already reach the first climax without any problems.

This climax can be just as intense or even more intense than the climax of classic intercourse. But when it then turns to the actual sexual act, then make sure you have talked about contraception so that you can have safe sex.

The Most Important Thing: Take Your Time

7 Foreplay Tips To Get You Excited

For most couples, sex (including foreplay) lasts between 10-40 minutes on average. But you should take all the time in the world for it, it's worth it! If you approach foreplay tips with the idea of ​​getting it over with as quickly as possible, then it's bound to be a flop.

Allow foreplay to evolve - in all possible directions and to any imaginable ending. A bit of listless nibbling and stroking can end up ruining the whole experience. But don't overlook the other person's signals when he or she finally wants more.

Foreplay Tips And Ideas

7 Foreplay Tips To Get You Excited

Seduction does not have to be great art, but one thing is certain: monotony is not fun, and cuddling alone rarely gets you hot. During sex itself, you also switch positions.

Foreplay is about slowly finding out what turns each of you on and exploring your bodies in creative ways, fueling passion and breaking the inhibitions about each other. This includes stroking, kissing, licking, and massaging different body zones - above all, of course, the erogenous zones.

1. Kisses In The Right Places

7 Foreplay Tips To Get You Excited

Of course, erogenous zones vary from person to person, but kissing these spots can do wonders. In women it is usually:

The neck,

The breast and nipples,

The inner thighs,

The belly,


and of course the vagina, especially the clitoris.

On the other hand, these parts of the body are particularly suitable for successful seduction in men:

The earlobes,

The V muscle on the abdomen above the intimate area,

The nipples,

The penis from the glans to the balls.

The exchange of intense glances

But to successfully seduce a woman, it often takes more than a few smacks in the right places. Words or touches are not always needed for this, because intense looks can also be attractive. "Undress with your eyes" is sometimes not just a figure of speech.

2. Talking Dirty

7 Foreplay Tips To Get You Excited

You can start this art of seduction from anywhere, even if you are not in the same place. Thanks to the Internet, you can also arm yourself with foreplay tips. The more explicit the chat, the greater the impact on your partner.

3. A Hot Striptease

7 Foreplay Tips To Get You Excited

Who among us hasn't seen a striptease in a movie and enjoyed the performance? So why not try it yourself? But don't worry, you don't have to put on a performance a la Dita von Teese, you should be yourself and feel comfortable.

Think of a few sensual moves, get close, and seduce him or her with your dance. Spoiler alert: There's a good chance your performance will be interrupted prematurely.

4. Erotic Massages

7 Foreplay Tips To Get You Excited

You've probably come home from a stressful day at work and just felt exhausted. While cuddling is relaxing in its own way, a massage can enhance the effect. Especially if you have very clear intentions.


Because, when are you more relaxed than after an orgasm? Before that, you can get in the right mood with a sensual massage with beguiling body oil. Do not leave out the particularly sensitive zones. Oil should not be used only in intimate areas.

5. Experiment With Sex Toys

7 Foreplay Tips To Get You Excited

One of the more important foreplay tips is to understand that various accessories can also be included in the love game. When using sex toys, you must trust and feel comfortable with each other. Feathers, handcuffs or blindfolds are well suited for the first time and can increase desire.

To relieve any tension, you can create more security with candlelight and romantic music and make sure to be tender to each other. If you like the extra kick, you can try vibrators or plugs. There are also appropriate toys for men you can incorporate into your foreplay.

6. Go Exploring With Your Tongue

7 Foreplay Tips To Get You Excited

If sex toys are not for you, you can also use your own resources and seduce your partner with them. The tongue not only gets you going when petting but can also stimulate the whole body.

For example, use it to circle your sexual partner's nipples, lick the intimate area and vary the speed and pressure. If this doesn't seduce your partner, then we don't know what will.

How Long Should A Foreplay Last?

7 Foreplay Tips To Get You Excited

Each of us likes to be seduced and spoiled, but at some point, we want a sexual showdown! And don't worry if things don't work out the way you imagined. Take failures with humor, even if you try very hard to be a seducer.

A stumble while doing a striptease or a bit of massage oil on the bed sheet isn't the end of the world. It is important not to stress yourself too much. Rather enjoy and respond to each other's needs.

However, if the man has problems with an erection, you can extend the foreplay a little. There are even special foreplay tips to make the sex last longer. That takes the pressure off and if it still doesn't work, cuddling with the person you love is also nice, isn't it?

So, pamper yourself extensively - without looking at the clock. Because when it's time for intercourse, you'll both know. Don't forget: Enjoying physical closeness should always be the focus.

Foreplay Without An Afterplay?

7 Foreplay Tips To Get You Excited

With nice foreplay, you can experience a lot of crackling eroticisms. And in extreme cases, it can even be that the foreplay tips were so effective that you don't need actual sex to be happy.

The situation could become a bit awkward if one of you is already completely satisfied, but the other wants more. Here you should not force the classic sexual intercourse. Rather think about how you can solve the situation: You can also help yourself to climax with your tongue or your fingers. Good foreplay does not necessarily have to have the classic sex after all. Otherwise, make sure you also know one or two of the hottest make out positions that will take your foreplay to the next level.