6 Common Business Infographic Mistakes And How To Avoid Them


Did you know people read infographics 30 times more than an article?

Maybe you are trying to create infographics but have failed to grab your audience's attention. You're not alone.

Infographic design tools have become popular for businesses to communicate complex information engagingly, but many fall short due to common mistakes. Don't worry!


Today we'll explore the top six business infographic mistakes and how to avoid them. Let's dive in and learn how to create infographics that captivate your target audience!

1. Too Much Text

Having too much text on infographics is a common mistake that you should avoid. This can make your infographic look cluttered and difficult to read. When possible, try to use images and icons instead of text to convey your message.


If you do need to use text, keep it brief and easy to read by using large font sizes and clear, concise language. If you need help finding infographics that don't have too much text, be sure to do your research online.

2. Lack of Direction & Focus

If you lack direction and focus, you will end up with an infographic that doesn't effectively communicate your message. To avoid this mistake, start by clearly defining your goals for the infographic.


What do you want it to achieve? Who is your target audience? Once you have a good understanding of your goals, you can start planning the design and content of your infographic.

3. Unclear Visual Hierarchy

When choosing an infographic layout, avoid unclear visual hierarchy. A visual hierarchy is essential for organizing the infographic in a way that is clear to understand. Without a clear visual hierarchy, a reader is likely to become overwhelmed.


To avoid this mistake, start each infographic by developing a strong visual hierarchy. Prioritize the element of the infographic - use the correct fonts for infographics. Consider also the placement to emphasize key points and make sure every data is displayed in the right order.

4. Poor Color Choice

Poor color choice is another mistake when designing an effective infographic. The infographic color options you use should complement the overall theme of your infographic.


Many people make the mistake of using too many colors in their infographics or using colors that clash with each other. This can make your infographic look chaotic and difficult to read. When choosing colors for your infographic, less is usually more.

5. Not Enough White Space

Another mistake is not utilizing enough white space. White space helps break up the text. It allows the viewer to focus on specific parts of the infographic.


If your infographic is messy, it's difficult for people to process the information. To avoid this, make sure to leave plenty of white space around each element. This will help create a clean look that is easy on the eyes.

6. Overly Complex Graphics

If your infographic is too complex, it will be difficult for viewers to understand. Too much information and too many graphics can be overwhelming, so make sure to keep it simple. Use easy-to-understand visuals and clear, concise text to get your point across.


Avoid These Business Infographic Mistakes

Designing an effective business infographic can be a challenge. Avoid too much text, lack of direction and focus, unclear visual hierarchy, poor color choice, not enough white space, and complex graphics.

By avoiding these business infographic mistakes, you can create an eye-catching infographic that serves its purpose. So go out there and make your next business infographic one that will stand out from the rest!


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