6 Best Women Of The Zodiac To Marry

6 Best Women Of The Zodiac To Marry

Married life should be filled with blissful moments, sharing your life with a best friend and true partner.

However, making the wrong choice in a wife can take you from "I do" and into a lifetime of wedding woes, so choose wisely…

Dating a woman because she is fun, mysterious, or a challenge might initially seem like an exciting prospect in love. But it isn't likely the right criteria for someone to settle down with.

You will need to make big decisions with this person for the rest of your life, including how to handle the finances and potentially raising children. The chances are that woman you think is a lot of fun right now actually isn't wife material. And it would be near impossible trying to make her into one.

Knowing a woman's zodiac sign can be one of the best ways to get an initial impression of whether your date or girlfriend is the type to build a home and a future with. You can also gain insight into someone who values loyalty and commitment (pretty essential qualities for a marriage partner).

DISCLAIMER: Make sure you're husband material too before you go seeking your perfect bride. Marriage is a partnership, not a one-sided deal!

Be the type of man that a quality woman would dream of spending her life with, and then you can be ready to attract that in a woman.

If your bae is any of the signs below, chances are you hit the marriage lottery and should probably put a ring on it – before someone else does!

CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer women can be considered the ideal wife. So it's only fitting that she tops the list as the queen supreme of Wifey's.

Many of these women have already fantasized about their future wedding and the family to follow from a very young age. These girls were basically wives in training from childhood, the type to prefer playing house over Barbies as a child. These women are affectionate, sensitive, caring, and naturally adept at giving and receiving love.

They can come off as smothering and over-emotional for the more freedom-loving type of men. But for a guy who wants to come in from work to a home-cooked meal prepared with love, followed by cuddling all night, best believe you hit the jackpot with this lady!

Cancer rules the home and family, and they make this their top priority, always ensuring that their space is warm and inviting. They will immerse themselves fully in and enjoy every minute of their wifely duties (as long as you're putting in your share as well!).

Loyalty is a pre-requisite for anyone they consider putting their heart into, and these women are known to treat their partners like a king or queen. They will soak up every minute of their married life, adorning their walls with photos and keeping meticulous albums of their kids.

Divorce isn't a word this lady wants to know personally because when she ties the knot, that thing is tied tight for life!

She will be a nurturing and comforting shelter through the storm for your family, and thus, she is a lady you want to hold on to.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

Loyal and dedicated to the core is what you can expect when you meet a fierce yet down-to-earth Taurus lady.

She will carry herself with class and always make you look good when she is in the room. She just knows how to present herself in a way that screams class and intelligence. These are just some of the qualities that draw her many admirers.

Family is super important to this lady, and she will love to make a house a home by dressing it in the best décor and the highest thread count Egyptian cotton sheets. She will cook gourmet meals, which she happily spent hours preparing with love since she's a natural chef. She may not always be super romantic or enjoy too many surprises. She is practical, so you will always depend and rely on her through the good and bad times.

She makes a natural wife and mother, often sensing exactly what her loved ones need before they ask. She does have her downsides, though, when it comes to her stubbornness and wanting to do things her way. She can be feisty when it comes to arguments, but she secretly enjoys a little bit of confrontation here and there. It keeps things spicy and dynamic for her.

A Taurus woman does her best to take care of her appearance, physical health, and keep an optimistic outlook for those around her.

She will be as stable as a rock for her family, and can definitely considered the "ride or die" of the zodiac women.

She will take her time before she considers an engagement, not the type to rush into commitment. So when she says yes, it means she spent a long time deliberating on her decision, and she will expect that she made the right one. She craves stability and routine in love, so she will prove to be just as stable since she can't imagine the thought of it not working out after she invested so much.

A Taurus woman is a woman worth fighting for and the type you should wife up before it's too late (this lady has lots of admirers)!

VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

The meticulous virgo woman can make a modest home into a castle befitting of royalty.

She will keep the place spotless and adorned with all the best décor. She will treat her partner well and provide practical knowledge since she is an intelligent woman that knows perfectly how to run a home and a bank book.

She is the ultimate teammate, building an empire with you and making you both look like the unbreakable power couple, getting it all done (seemingly effortlessly). She will shine in social settings, but she will also love to be relaxing at home because this is her domain and she will take great pride in it.

She can be a bit cutting and emotionally detached when she is upset, but give her some time to cool off or prepare to suck up for a little while until she gets over it, and she will eventually. She isn't the type to hold a grudge or create unnecessary drama just for kicks, so you must have done something to really deserve her cold shoulder.

"A happy wife is a happy life" would be the motto of a Virgo woman (and all women everywhere), so you should really understand that concept before marrying her.

If you make the cut and she chooses you, you can count yourself blessed for winning over a woman that is both practical and capable but also loving, loyal, and affectionate.

LEO (July 23 - August 22)

Leo ladies live for their close circle, and if you can picture the female lion protecting her pack, this is exactly how she is with those she loves.

Leo's are loyal and big-hearted. She will fight passionately with you and then cuddle with you all within minutes, acting like nothing even happened.

She can have a fiery temper, but it should keep you on your toes, and her anger usually calms down with a little time to herself. She can be self-centered at times and want things her way, but if you can react logically to her tantrums, she might realize she's too much of a drama queen!

She will love to raise her baby cubs with you and will take so much pride in her relationship and her family. She will want to travel to exotic locations with you and try all the exciting food and activities life has to offer. If she has children with you, she would be playful and fun and want her offspring to experience active lifestyles that she would have loved when she was young.

She will like to enjoy life but will always prefer staying in with her love over a night out partying. This makes her a great choice of a woman to marry and start a family with. She can also be romantic and enjoy BIG gestures in love, so you will always feel spoiled and know where you stand with her. She will love you fiercely and will stay committed for as long as she believes you are paying attention to her and honoring her needs as well.

If she gets bored, senses disloyalty from you, or feels you ignore her or her needs too often, you might come home one day to an empty nest. Your precious Leo love could be out the door, so remember to reciprocate her love.

If you get to meet passionate Leo women, snatch her up ASAP or prepare to be sorry for the rest of your life! Don't say I didn't warn you.

PISCES (February 19 - March 20)

Idealistic and romantic Pisces women will envision the perfect romance of your union (right out of a rom-com). Sometimes on the very first date!

This can be jarring to some, but the right man will find this endearing and dreamy, which is a pretty good description of Pisces women. A Pisces woman will always strive to see the best in people, even on their worst days, and they bring a youthful optimism to their love life.

Caring, empathetic, and nurturing, are the types of qualities this sweetheart brings to the table.

A Pisces woman will come to your rescue, comfort you when you're sick or feeling down. And be a great friend in light or dark times.

They will love to enjoy life with you, traveling and socializing. They tend to be highly creative, so that they might make stunning art for your wall or cross-stitch their own pillowcases. Either way, they are colorful people.

Pisces are peaceful, and they usually aren't the types to start fights or create tension. This can be great for the most part since there will be very little fighting and disharmony. However, this can be maddening too if you notice their penchant to avoid arguments altogether until things hit a boiling point and explode.

Nonetheless, Pisces make loyal and loving wives and mothers. Dedicated for the long haul and always injecting new optimism into their relationships, so they never go stale.

Pisces is quirky and full of character, so there will never be a dull moment with these fun-loving ladies.

LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

Some Libra women can be just as noncommittal as a Sagittarius and prefer freedom to be tied down. The other half are the ones who have dreamt about their perfect relationship since they were young and had a knowledge of how to make it last.

These women are often intelligent and free-thinking so that you will enjoy the mental stimulation. Libra being a sign of balance makes them natural-born diplomats. This means that they will always weigh both sides of an argument and won't let emotion override their judgment.

Libra women are peacekeepers, and they always strive to fight fair. So this makes for a smooth ride into married life.

They tend to love romance and will usually be sweet and thoughtful when dealing with the person they marry. Since Libra is ruled by Venus, they will also be conscious of their appearance, doing their best to remain attractive even into their older years.

Libra's won't scream or yell when they feel they aren't getting something they need. Instead, they will gently present the issue and discuss it with you.

They can also be very fun and down for anything, so prepare for a great adventure together.

Is Your Future Wife Written in the Stars?

It's not always easy to tell if a woman is marriage material during the dating phase of a relationship.

Getting to know a woman's zodiac sign at the start of meeting her can help set you up for success by knowing what to expect. Meeting one of the above 6 signs of women can give you a better chance of attaining a naturally inclined partner towards romance, loyalty, and partnership.

Falling for a woman based on her sign isn't always something you can plan. But if she's one of these special women, you're probably set for a life of blissful matrimony.