50 Texts To Make Him Want You Back

Communicating with a guy you're interested in through text can be likened to executing a sophisticated dance routine. It can seem like there are multiple intricate steps that are not immediately apparent, and if you make a mistake, it can leave you feeling awkward and self-conscious.

The aim is to elegantly spark his interest in you, but regrettably, accomplishing this is far more challenging than merely stating it.

We aim to assist you in unraveling the complexities of this intricate dance and capturing your guy's affection. But the question is, where do you start?

To begin, texting is an excellent starting point. As a foundation, we have prepared 50 texts that will help you rekindle his interest in you. Additionally, we will provide general guidance on texting to ensure you are not ill-equipped for this dance.


Sending all the texts from our list to your love interest will not instantaneously reignite his desire for you. In reality, you may only inundate him and prompt him to retreat.

Let's start by clarifying the meaning of "want you back" in this guide. When we use the term "want you back" in this guide, we are not referring to reconciling with an ex-boyfriend after a breakup. If that is your objective, we have a separate guide for winning back your ex.

In this guide, we're referring to the situation where you're interested in a guy you're not currently dating, and your goal is to pique his interest in you. Now that we have clarified the meaning, let's talk about a few guidelines to consider as you text him.

Rule number one: don't text him back instantly every time

If you make yourself too readily available, you will devalue your worth. Consider the things in your life that are easily attainable, such as snacks or tap water. These are items that you don't yearn for because they are always within reach.

Now, imagine the things that you truly desire, such as luxurious jewelry, tech gadgets, or designer clothes. You crave these items because they are challenging to obtain, and the sense of achievement you feel is much more gratifying. By not always responding to him right away, you are transforming yourself into one of those coveted aspects of life. As a result, he will pursue you with more determination.

Rule number two: don't lay all your cards on the table

In other words, refrain from bombarding him with excessively romantic text messages, even if you are certain that you are in love with him.

Text messages of that nature should be introduced gradually, and only after you've established a commitment from him. Being overly affectionate too quickly will overwhelm him and push him away. It's like giving him a love toothache.

Rule number three: pay attention to what he says and read the room

If he's had a rough day, sending him a cute or flirtatious text can be a great way to uplift his spirits.

However, sending him a sexy text right after he's experienced something terrible may appear insensitive and robotic. You don't want to come across as one of those creepy bots on a dating app. Therefore, it's crucial to be responsive to his feelings and personalize your texting strategy accordingly.


Similar to our other texting guides, we will categorize this list as follows:

Flirtatious messages

Playful messages

Endearing messages

The rationale for categorizing the messages is that there may be diverse emotional states you hope to evoke in your guy. We want to ensure that you have all the necessary tools and that they're conveniently accessible.

Keep in mind that you can customize any particular aspect of these messages to make them more individualized. If none of these texts seem fitting for your man, you can explore the text templates in the Text Chemistry program.

The Text Chemistry program is a comprehensive romance course crafted by a genuine relationship coach. It will not only provide you with effortless texts to use, but it will also guide you in comprehending the basics of becoming a more proficient texter.

Sexy Texts to Make Him Want You Back

Are you seeking a method to make him completely enamored with you? There's no better approach than teasing him with an alluring, flirty text.

Believe us when we say that the following texts will make him question whether he needs to turn up the air conditioning. Stimulating his sexual desires will have him hastening to schedule plans with you as soon as possible.

"Can you believe it? My roommate will be absent for the entire weekend. I'm curious about what I should do to keep myself occupied during this time of solitude."

"Throughout the entire night, I remained in bed, restlessly shifting and unable to sleep as thoughts of you consumed my mind..."

rewrite "If you were here in bed with me, I don't think we'd be sleeping anytime soon."

"Being in bed with you, I doubt either of us would be getting much sleep anytime soon."

"Tomorrow, why don't we skip work or school and spend the entire day lounging in bed together?"

"I'd like to extend a formal invitation for you to come over to my place later, with one condition: pants are strictly forbidden."

"If you were here with me, I'm pretty sure we'd be hitting the snooze button more than just a few times."

"I recently acquired a new lip gloss with a unique flavor. Would you like to sample it with me and give your opinion?"

"There are a few things that I can think of that you might find more enjoyable to wake up to than coffee..."

"Although I just made my bed, I wouldn't mind if we messed it up later."

"What is your favorite color? I'm looking to buy lingerie and would love to choose something that you'd enjoy seeing on me."

"Every time you text me, I feel a rising warmth. I might have to start taking off my clothes to cool down."

"Stay overnight at my place, and I'll give you plenty of reasons, 69 to be precise, to reconsider leaving tomorrow morning."

"Would it be alright if I visit you later? I can bring the seduction if you bring the sustenance."

Flirty Texts to Make Him Want You Back

It's evident that sending him a provocative text will definitely grab his attention (and probably more), but it's a bit too effortless. Inducing desire in someone is a simple way of making them crave your presence.

But what if you're not prepared to take things to a physical level yet, or you're seeking a deeper connection beyond just physical intimacy? In that case, you may want to playfully tantalize him with a flirtatious tone.

Being flirtatious can also pique his interest, and there's an undeniable enjoyment in engaging in witty banter, such as the following texts, that can demonstrate to him how much fun it is to exchange messages with you.

"If nobody has mentioned it yet, let me be the first to say that you look very handsome today."

"Take a selfie of yourself looking your best and send it to him!"

"Perhaps I'll whip up something fantastic for dinner if you decide to come over later."

"Do you reckon we go together as well as peanut butter and jelly?"

"Can you recall the time we checked out that new restaurant? I had a great time with you."

"Having a tough day, could really use a charming guy to brighten things up."

"I've got an adventure planned for this weekend and I'm in search of a partner to join me. Are you interested?"

"It's hard to believe that someone as attractive as you actually exists."

"It looks like I don't have any plans for this weekend... maybe I should find someone to hang out with?"

"Can you come up with the most cheesy pickup line and deliver it to him?"

"If I told you that you're handsome every day, would that be okay with you?"

"I can't get our first date out of my head."

"There's something about you that feels almost magical. I feel entranced every time I lay eyes on you."

"Is there a pharmacy nearby where I can fulfill my prescription for a kiss from a charming gentleman, as recommended by my doctor?"

"Your attractiveness is so intense that I'm tempted to save your name in my phonebook as the flame emoji."

"While others may compile a list of the world's sexiest actors or models, my list consists solely of you as the sexiest man."

"Would you like to join me for a nap?"

"My friends and I are discussing who the most attractive man in the world is. Could you please send me a photo to prove to them that it's you?"

"I'm thinking of indulging in a marathon of a tv show on your list this weekend. Care to join me?"

"Looking for a warm and satisfying treat? How about some hot chocolate! If your mind went elsewhere, you might need to switch to a PG-rated mindset."

Sweet Texts to Make Him Want You Back

Indulging in luxuriously sweet foods can be a beloved pastime, and similarly, a touch of sweetness in romantic gestures can be irresistible and have a long-lasting impact.

If you're on the hunt for a way to make his heart skip a beat, consider sending one of these sweet texts - they might just do the trick.

"You've been on my mind nonstop."

"Just the thought of you has me blushing. How do you manage to do that even when you're not here with me?"

"Being in your arms is all I can think about right now."

"When we're together, it feels like we're the only ones in the world."

"You've been on my mind a lot lately, and I'm really missing you right now."

"Feeling like I need something sweet to brighten up my day. How about sending me a picture of yourself?"

"Even though my mind can wander to anything, I find myself continually thinking about you."

"Even in everyday attire, you still manage to be my knight in shining armor."

"I couldn't get you out of my head all night - you were even in my dreams. And it seems like you'll be on my mind all day today as well."

"Your face is one I'm missing dearly. Would you mind sending me a picture?"

"If stealing hearts was a crime, you'd be behind bars for stealing mine without a doubt."

"My day was off to a rough start, but after receiving your text, it's gotten much brighter."

"I can't help but notice that every day with you is even better than the last. How do you do it?"

"Seeing your name pop up on my phone always makes my heart skip a beat."

"Your chest is the coziest pillow I've ever laid my head on."

"Can you give my cheeks a break from all the smiling? You're texting me too much!"

"I must seem crazy to my family/friends because every time you text me, I can't stop smiling at my phone."