50 Texts To Make Him Feel Special (And Maybe Give Him Butterflies)

When you have feelings for someone, you naturally want to make them happy. When they are feeling down, you also feel sad. On the other hand, when they are happy, you feel happy too.

Looking for a simple way to make the guy of your dreams feel special? Consider sending a meaningful text message.

Don't worry if you're unsure what to say. We've got you covered with these text messages to make him feel valued.


It's always a good idea to refresh on proper text etiquette when it comes to romantic messaging. Many people make avoidable mistakes that can turn guys off.

One mistake to avoid is getting anxious and constantly texting when he doesn't respond immediately. This can lead to self-doubt, making you wonder if you did something wrong or if he's busy with someone else.

Don't let negative thoughts consume you. He may be busy at work or spending time with friends. Give him a chance to reply. If you've waited and still no response, refer to our guide on how to text a guy to elicit a response.

When texting him, strive to keep your emotions in check, especially when you're in the early stages of getting to know each other. Even if you feel certain he's the one, it's important to maintain control to avoid overwhelming him by coming on too strong.

Before trying to make him feel special, consider what makes you feel special. Simple gestures like sincere compliments and active listening can universally make people feel good.

Incorporating elements that make you feel special into your texts can likely have the same effect on him and make him feel special too.


We have categorized our texts into four categories: fun, sweet, flirty, and sexy, making it easier for you to choose the ideal message to send based on the mood you wish to evoke.

Our text templates may mention specific activities such as snowboarding or gaming. Feel free to adjust them to better suit your partner's particular interests.

If none of the text messages fit, don't fret. You can explore other sources for inspiration, such as the Text Chemistry program, which provides comprehensive knowledge on capturing a man's interest through texting.

Fun Texts to Make Him Feel Special

Romance can include more than just nervousness, butterflies, and clich├ęd speeches. Just like other enjoyable experiences, it can also be fun and humorous.

By using these text messages, you can infuse some lightheartedness into your flirting via texts and make him feel special quickly.

"I'm grateful to have you, without you even GPS couldn't guide me."

"I hope I never lose you, I don't think I could find a replacement."

"How about coming over tonight? I'll get your favorite pizza, have some beers, and cuddle."

"Do you recall the time when we skipped work and went to the beach instead? I had such a great time with you. Perhaps we could repeat that sometime?"

"I plan on cooking your special pasta dish tonight. Would you mind giving me some guidance?"

Send a humorous meme or image that you believe will bring a smile to his face.

"I came across a track today that I believe will appeal to you. Give it a listen and share your thoughts with me."

"I don't have any plans for the weekend, mind keeping me company?"

"I'd love to go on an adventure with you. Fancy joining me this weekend?"

"I'm eager to learn snowboarding and since you're a pro, would you be willing to teach me?"

"Let's meet up tonight, enough with texting."

"Your steaks are fantastic, could you whip up some more for me?"

"Let's have some fun, want to play a texting game?"

"I dare you to a game of his favorite game this weekend. Although I may not win, I'm sure I'll learn a lot from you."

Sweet Texts to Make Him Feel Special

Falling in love with someone is delightful, causing one's heart to flutter and knees to become weak. The frequent rereading of their messages adds to the sweetness of the experience.

The following texts are intended to evoke a similar emotional response in him. These can be customized to fit specific circumstances.

"Your texts always bring a smile to my face."

"My love for you grows stronger with each passing day."

"Hi there, I recall you mentioning a job interview/game today. Could you share how it went?"

"You're looking particularly handsome today. I know this to be true every day."

"Your adorable smile is constantly on my mind."

"Can you send me a picture of yourself? I could use some sweetness to brighten my day."

"I understand you're having a rough day. Would it help if I come over and try to improve it for you?"

"I'm ready to delete my dating apps now that I have you by my side."

"Although there may be many options out there, I'm grateful to have caught you."

"Before I met you, I cannot recall what occupied my thoughts."

"I feel as though I could send you texts continuously, both day and night."

"Your support allows me to strive towards becoming the best version of myself."

"I wanted to express that you're on my mind."

"Your hugs provide me with a sense of comfort and familiarity, as if I'm at home."

"I desire to be in your company at this moment."

"If given the opportunity to select anyone globally, I would choose you repeatedly without hesitation."

"I am incredibly fortunate to have you in my life, making me the luckiest individual in the world."

"Having you by my side as I awaken makes each day flawless."

"Greetings. I wanted to take a moment to reach out to your inbox and express my joy of having met you."

Flirty Texts to Make Him Feel Special

Being romantic and flirty are two distinct tones, although they can often complement each other. What if you desire to participate in a playful and flirtatious exchange?

In that case, these texts are exactly what you need! Utilize them to bring a smile to your guy's face and encourage him to engage in a flirtatious texting conversation with you.

"Should anyone inquire about the most attractive man globally, I will instantly have the answer..."

"I hope you don't mind the ladies taking initiative, because I'm extending an invitation. Would you like to join me for dinner tomorrow?"

"I cannot tear my gaze away from your photos. Has anyone ever mentioned how incredibly charming you are?"

"Please come visit me. I am by myself and could use some comforting embraces..."

"I believe it's time for us to plan another romantic outing together."

"Do you know what could uplift my spirits? A kiss from you, just to clarify."

"I may need to wear sunglasses on our next meeting, as your smile radiates a brilliant light that could overwhelm my vision."

"You were the subject of my dreams last night, and I was unable to stop thinking about you."

"It is often said that perfection is unattainable, however, I believe you come very close to it."

Sexy Texts to Make Him Feel Special

What makes a guy feel special is receiving compliments about his bedroom skills.

These messages aim to trigger thoughts about his strong desire for you and emphasize his sexual abilities. Sending one of these texts can prompt him to reach out to you for more interaction.

"What inspired your kissing skills? I can't get it out of my mind."

"Your actions from last night have left a lasting impression, I fear I may be addicted to you now."

"Your actions from last night have left a lasting impression, I fear I may be addicted to you now."

"Take a look at this send a suggestive photo of yourself it's all yours."

"What makes you so attractive?"

"I usually have good self-control, but you have a way of making me act impulsively."

"It's imperative that our lips (and possibly other body parts) connect. Shall we arrange a suitable time for this to happen?"

"There's a limited-time offer happening in my room now. Everything is available for free and you are cordially invited. Join me for an unparalleled experience in customer satisfaction."

"Share a provocative photo with me and I'll consider reciprocating."

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