50 Signs A Guy Likes You

50 Signs A Guy Likes You

I am sure you have been in a situation where you are left wondering if the guy you have your eye on likes you. Sometimes the signs are all there, but then sometimes it can be a little more difficult to tell. Then you are left wondering and waiting for him to say or do something to confirm your thoughts.

I am going to walk you through 50 signs that show he is totally in to you. Are you ready?

1. When sitting together, he leans into you more than he usually does. This to me screams body tension.

2. If you catch him glancing up or over to you often. To me this means you are on his mind.

3. He is always there for you. This shows that he really cares about you!

4. Keeping eye contact, shows respect and that he is actually paying attention.

5. He does little things then looks to you for approval. He really wants to impress you.

6. He brushes against you lightly but frequently.

7. He seems a bit nervous or jittery, you give him the butterflies!

8. Teasing you with not so harsh names. He keeps it respectful but fun.

9. Play fighting, he is looking for a way to maintain body contact with you.

10. You are not the one initiating conversation, he wants to talk to you so he finds something to talk about.

11. He boosts your confidence.

12. He compliments and congratulates you on accomplishments!

13. Polite comments on your outfits or makeup.

14. He may try to make other guys jealous or outdo them while you are around. Guys are showoffs!

15. He pays attention to your social media feeds. He will like and comment on a lot, if not on all, of your stuff.

16. He will want to hang out frequently.

17. You will probably receive a lot of phone calls or texts from him checking in on you and maybe wishing you a great day.

18. He will try his hardest not to disappoint you.

19. If you need something, he just so happens to show up with it or have it on hand.

20. He may try to introduce you to more of his friends that you may not already know.

21. He gets defensive over you. He really seems to care.

22. He will let you keep things of his for a long time and he does not care if he gets it back.

23. Once the nicknames for you start rolling out, it is pretty obvious he likes you.

24. Has he told you he misses you?

25. He tries to make you laugh.

26. He plays your favorite songs when you are together.

27. He sends you a good morning or good night text. That means you are the first and last thing he thinks about.

28. He tries to be there for you if something bad is going on in your life.

29. He makes fun of your driving.

30. He stops what he is doing to come help you with whatever you need.

31. He may even try to impress your friends, reassuring them he is good for you.

32. Have you ever seen the way he looks at you?

33. Body language is everything! See what his body is saying to you.

34. You will be his go to person for advice.

35. He wants to show you off.

36. He wants to take you out.

37. You might be surprised that he becomes your best friend.

38. He knows how you like your coffee and alcohol.

39. If you mention something you really want, then he gets it for you.

40. He is at all of your important events.

41. He cancels his plans for you.

42. He is nicer to you than the other girls around.

43. He will tell you things about himself others may not know, he trusts you a lot.

44. He calls you just to talk.

45. He fixes your hair or makeup.

46. He might treat you to dinner.

47. He buys you gifts for your birthday or Christmas.

48. He tells you how great you look without makeup.

49. He chooses you over his friends.

50. Your name in his phone is a cute nickname.

There are so many signs that could point to this, but if you pay attention to all of his actions and things he says I am sure you will soon learn if he likes you or not!