50+ Reasons Why I Love You And Always Will, My Forever And Always

50+ Reasons Why I Love You And Always Will, My Forever And Always

"This is why I love, because you love me". Are you familiar with this line from MAJOR's song "Why I Love You"? I can't help smiling each time I listen to it. It reminds me that everyone needs reassurance from time to time. Even when we are absolutely sure that we're loved, we sometimes just need to hear the reasons why.

No two persons can have exactly the same reasons for loving someone. As such, the list of "reasons why I love you" that I've compiled will simply give you an idea of how to express yours as felt. But, I might as well just be expressing your thoughts just as you would love to.

Actions Over Words?

The saying that actions speak louder than voice has caused many to view words as overrated in love. The truth is actions matter as much as words do. Hence, you need to back up your words with actions just as you need to reinforce your actions with words.

So, it's important that you remind your loved one from time to time how much and why you love him or her.

Below are 50+ reasons why we love those we do.

Why I Love You - Your Person

I love you because you love me unconditionally. Your feelings for me are not based on what I have or can give. I count myself lucky each day because not everyone finds a treasure like you.

I love you because you are forgiving. You get hurt and mad at me from time to time but you are always willing to forgive upon a sincere apology. You don't drag out our issues and you don't know how much relief that brings me.

I love you because you are considerate. You think of me before you make decisions even if it doesn't involve me. You have no idea how much I appreciate the times you chose to get off the phone just because you noticed I was exhausted or sleepy. These little things!

You do your utmost to place my needs above yours. You are self-sacrificing. With you, there's no me-first. You share what you have and never force your opinion on me.


I love you because you are passionate about us. The way you defend us before others is a whole vibe.

You are brave. How you stand up for what is right without cowering is attractive.

I love you because you are thoughtful. You take note of what I don't like and try your best to steer clear. You don't override my decisions without sound reason. How you take note of my allergies and always put my pills in my bag so I don't forget. These little things again!

Another reason why I love you is that you are fun to be with. You make me laugh till I cry and know just how to spice my routine life up.

You don't hold grudges. I love that about you. It makes me want to do better. I can say you're my role model on that.

You never bottle up your feelings. When you love me too much, you say it. When you're mad at me, you speak up about just how you feel and let it go. It makes us flow differently baby.

You know when to speak and when to be silent. When I'm down, how you are able to decipher if I need a pep talk or quiet time still baffles me. But know that I appreciate and love you for this.

I love your hugs. They are a safe haven. A bad day always becomes brighter after I hug you.

I love how dedicated you are. I'll never forget how you stand by me when I'm at my worst.

Why I Love You - How You Love Me

You make me happy. We have our fair share of problems but when I think of you, I'm never regretful or resentful, just glad that I have you.


I love you because you motivate me to be better. When I hug you, all I think of is the need to protect you and care for you. It reminds me that I must be a man worthy of you. This pushes me to do better.

I love you because you sincerely laugh at my jokes. I just take delight in seeing you roll on the floor from laughter. That's another way you make me happy.

I love you because your love is evident in how you support my goals and aspirations. You believe in me without me trying to convince you to do so.

I love you because you accept me for who I am. You don't try to change me. Of course, there are bad habits you urge me to work on. Sometimes, you set a fine example so I can follow.

I love you because you love my family like they are yours.

Your kisses are sweet. When they just pop out of nowhere, I'm reminded that you are still attracted to me and love me and I love you for that.

I love you because you stand up for me. You set a precedence for your family and friends to always respect me. And when anyone tries to look down on me, you are there to set them right.

I love you because you value my opinions. You make an allowance for my suggestions.

I love how you make time for me. No matter how busy you are, you are never too busy for me.

Why I Love You - After We Made It Official

I love you because you are a great wife. You submit to my decisions even when you are certain that it will turn out the other way round. When I fail at something, you don't mock me. I love you so much for that.


I love how you balance your life, me, our kids and our home. You're a superwoman. I'm always amazed honey.

I love how you protect me and the kids. You work hard to keep us comfortable. You go out of your way to be a great father and husband.

I love you because you still create opportunities for us to spend time together despite our increased responsibilities. The movie date and weekend trips, you don't know how much they touch me each time.

I love you because you know how to give gifts that make me feel loved. Your gifts tell me that I'm always on your mind because they are often random and unexpected.

I love you because you know when I'm weak or sick and chose to take on the house chores yourself.

I love you because you indulge me. You allow me to do the craziest things and just laugh out loud.

I love you because you care for me as my momma did. How you cover me with the duvet when I kick it off or dab off my sweat. How you worry over what I eat or don't or if I keep up with my medical appointment and pills. That's why I call you momma sometimes.

I love you because you, more often than not, correct me gently.

Other Reasons For Loving You

I love how you stand by me even when I make a mess in public. Though I know we will get home and I'll probably be eaten out.

I love how you respect me. You have such high regard for me that my absence is no excuse to do otherwise.


I love you because you let yourself loose with me.

I love you because you keep no secrets from me. Even when you chose not to tell me some things, I know you will when it's convenient.

You are my best friend; my everyday pal. We can talk for hours nonstop. Even our silence is comfortable.

I love that you know just what to do to be always happy. Your happiness is not dependent on anyone.

I love how you see me right when everyone else sees me wrong.

You don't just hear, you pay attention. I love that about you.

You are observant. I love that I don't need to always talk before you know what I need or want you to do.

With you, I can be myself and nothing else.

Even in your absence, when I think of you, I have reasons to laugh. I love how I can't imagine my life without you in it.

I love how you rave just because you care and I'm not listening.

There are so many reasons to list under "why I love you". I'm sure the 40+ reasons why I love you above have reminded you of other reasons you have deep in your heart. It doesn't have to be mushy words. It just has to be the truth and how you really feel and it will come easy to you.

Elizabeth Barret Browning once said, "I love you not only for what you are but for what I am when I'm with you. I love you not only for what you are making of yourself but for what you are making of me". Such beautiful words. If the same is true of what you have, be appreciative by telling that special someone just how much he or she means to you and why you love him or her.