50+ Money Quotes That Will Change The Way You Think About Wealth

50+ Money Quotes That Will Change The Way You Think About Wealth

Money is everywhere in our lives. You need it to acquire everyday essentials. Things like a roof over your head, food in your fridge, utilities, and necessities all cost money. Here are the best money quotes from famous and infamous people that might inspire you.

It is also often said that money is the root of all evil. While it brings a lot to your life, it can also drive you to extremes. Daily, people steal from each other, fight over money, or even kill someone over of it. However, you should be wise enough to work hard and earn your reward.

These money quotes might help inspire you and change the way you think about wealth. They could provide information on how to intelligently manage your finances and save up for a brighter future.

Inspirational Money Quotes

51+ Money Quotes That Will Change The Way You Think About Wealth

Money is something that usually commands and controls everything in life. Everyone needs it to survive in one way or another, and these money quotes from famous people prove it.

These money quotes will teach you that money isn't everything. There are many other things to look forward to in your life.

A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart. — Jonathan Swift

Wealth consists not in having great possessions but in having few wants. — Epictetus

It's how you deal with failure that determines how you achieve success. — David Feherty

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. — Benjamin Franklin

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. — Thomas Edison

Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune. — Jim Rohn

Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver. — Ayn Rand

It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, that is poor. — Seneca

Buy when everyone else is selling and hold until everyone else is buying. That's not just a catchy slogan. It's the very essence of successful investing. — J. Paul Getty

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. — Steve Jobs

Motivational Money Quotes

51+ Money Quotes That Will Change The Way You Think About Wealth

These money quotes could be a great incentive to drive you toward productivity. When you have money, you have the means to purchase the things that you desire. You can support yourself and your family. While you might not need millions, having a means of income is always something to aspire toward.

Waste your money, and you are only out of money, but waste your time, and you have lost a part of your time. – Michael Leboeuf

The goal isn't more money. The goal is living life on your own terms. – Chris Brogan

Money is multiplied in practical value depending on the number of W's you control in your life: What you do, when you do it, where you do it, and with whom you do it. – Timothy Ferriss

Money does not dictate your lifestyle, it's what you do to get it and how you manage your finances that determines your lifestyle. – Wayne Chirisa

If you think nobody cares if you're alive, try missing a couple of car payments. – Earl Wilson

Don't tell me where your priorities are. Show me where you spend your money and I'll tell you what they are. – James W. Frick

If a person gets his attitude toward money straight, it will help straighten out almost every other area in his life. – Billy Graham

Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that. – Norman Vincent Peale

A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business. – Henry Ford

Few men have virtue enough to withstand the highest bidder. – George Washington

If you want to know what a man is really like, take notice of how he acts when he loses money. – Simone Weil

Happiness And Money Quotes

51+ Money Quotes That Will Change The Way You Think About Wealth

Money, riches, fame are all the things plenty of us dream about having one day. Even if they can seemingly get you anything and into anywhere, there are not all you need. If you have the cash, you can do it, or so people think.

However, with desires such as these, the age-old question rises to the surface - can money buy happiness?

Money never made a man happy yet, nor will it. The more a man has, the more he wants. Instead of filling a vacuum, it makes one. — Benjamin Franklin

How you do money is how you do life. –Orna Ross is a fact that money exhilarates people, it puts them in hysterias of good cheer, they suddenly care about you and want the best for you. – E.L. Doctrow

They say money can't buy happiness. But it can sure as hell solve a lot of problems! –Robert Rolih

I love money. I love everything about it. I bought some pretty good stuff. Got me a $300 pair of socks. Got a fur sink. An electric dog polisher. A gasoline-powered turtleneck sweater. And, of course, I bought some dumb stuff, too. –Steve Martin

Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort. –Franklin D. Roosevelt

I am opposed to millionaires, but it would be dangerous to offer me the position. –Mark Twain

Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons. –Woody Allen

When I was young, I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old, I know that it is. –Oscar Wilde

Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping. – Bo Derek

What's the use of happiness? It can't buy you money. - Henny Youngman

Money cannot buy happiness; it can, however, rent it. – Gordon Livingston

Money Quotes From Inspirational Women

51+ Money Quotes That Will Change The Way You Think About Wealth

International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8 every year. In 2021 the theme was Press for Progress. There are a lot of achievements of women that should be celebrated.

Here are some of the best money quotes from the strong women out there that continue inspiring us.

If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he gave it to. – Dorothy Parker

Money isn't everything…but it ranks right up there with oxygen. – Rita Davenport

I must say I hate money, but it's the lack of it that I hate most. – Katherine Mansfield

A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction. – Virginia Woolf

A woman's best protection is a little money of her own. – Clare Boothe Luce

Money doesn't fall out of the sky. We had a business plan, an extraordinary proposal, and it was the right timing. – Sheila Johnson

When you undervalue who you are, the world will undervalue what you do and vice versa. – Suze Orman

Make your money and buy your freedom. - Tamara Mellon

You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don't make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can't take their eyes off you. – Maya Angelou

Don't marry for money. You can borrow it cheaper. – Lois P. Frankel

The easiest way for your children to learn about money is for you not to have any. - Katharine Whitehorn

Some people make enough, some people don't, and it has nothing to do with their paycheck. – Janene Murphy

Life And Money Quotes

51+ Money Quotes That Will Change The Way You Think About Wealth

At some point in your life, you realize how money works. Once this happens, it gets much more challenging to drop money on a new car, new clothes, other flashy things.

In adulthood, you will be looking to drop money on more stocks, rental properties, and other cash-flowing assets that bring you more money. Here are a few money quotes that might inspire you to invest in your life.

I never attempt to make money on the stock market. I buy on the assumption that they could close the market the next day and not reopen it for ten years. — Warren Buffett

Many people take no care of their money till they come nearly to the end of it, and others do just the same with their time. — Johann

Money is not everything in life. Some believe no relationship is possible without money but no amount of money can buy love or happiness. – Chitra Withane

Money is not the most important thing in your life, but it's reasonably close to oxygen on the 'gotta have it' scale. – Zig Ziglar

Money can't buy happiness, but it can make you awfully comfortable while you are being miserable. – Clare Boothe Luce

If your happiness depends on money, you will never be happy with yourself. – Lao Tzu

Too many people spend money they haven't earned to buy things they don't want, to impress people they don't like. – Will Smith

Money and women are the most sought after and the least known about of any two things we have. – Will Rogers

Money won't create success, the freedom to make it will. – Nelson Mandela

Money is usually attracted, not pursued. – Jim Rohn