50 Monday Texts For Him (Happy Monday, Monday Morning Afternoon ETC)

Kick off the week on a positive note by sending your significant other 50 Monday texts. This piece features some of the most imaginative and heart-warming messages to surprise your guy and make his day.

Discover a collection of text messages that you can effortlessly send to your partner, spouse or crush by simply copying and pasting. Keep reading to find the perfect message for them.

1. Wishing you a joyful Monday and a fantastic start to your week.

2. Sending positive vibes for a revitalizing Monday. Have a great day ahead!

3. The week has just begun, but I'm already filled with anticipation for all the amazing things to come. Have a fantastic Monday!

4. Grateful for the wonderful weekend we had. Although it's just Monday, I'm already eager for the next one.

5. Good morning my dear, I hope you have a wonderful Monday. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to brighten your day.

6. Although Mondays are not typically known for being the most thrilling, I'm hoping this one will be an exception for you.

7. Time sure does fly when we're having fun, doesn't it? It's already Monday, but I'm grateful for the wonderful time we spent together.

8. I've never quite understood why so many people dread Mondays. I have the privilege of seeing you today, and that makes me feel like I'm on top of the world.

9. Is there anything I can do to make your Monday even better? Let me know, and I'll do my best to help.

10. My love, how was your Monday? I hope it was a great day despite its length. Remember, you can still achieve anything you set your mind to, even at the end of a long day.

11. It's going to be an exceptional day and an even more outstanding week! Sending you love and wishing you a fantastic Monday.

12. Gone are the days when Mondays were a dreaded day of the week. I'm excited to see what's in store for us!

13. Just wanted to let you know that you're in for a great day filled with joy and happiness. Love you!

14. You're always my top priority, whether it's Monday or any other day of the week. Have a fantastic day, my love.

15. I don't understand why people get so hyped about Fridays or down about Mondays. To me, every day is like a weekend when I'm with you.

16. Hooray, it's Monday! Let me know what you'd like to do together this week.

17. How's your Monday afternoon going? Do you have any plans for tonight? Let's make some!

18. I thought today was going to be a good day, but I can't think of anything better than spending it with you.

19. Hey love, how's your Monday going so far? Mine has been great because we're in this together!

20. Mondays don't have to be bad when you have me and an entire week ahead of us. Love you.

21. I would like to be involved in whatever activities you have planned for the week.

22. What have you got on your schedule this week? I'd love to add some excitement to your Monday!

23. Hello there, how are you doing today? I hope everyone is treating you well and doing great things.

24. Hi handsome, I hope your Monday is going smoothly so far!

25. Mondays are always a positive start to the week as we get to spend more time together. Have a great one, love.

26. My dear, have you had a thrilling start to the day? Let's make this entire week a memorable one together.

27. Remember, every day is a fresh start for us, and Mondays are no exception. Love you.

28. Hello my love, how was your Monday? Mine was great as we will soon be together again!

29. Hey babe, what did you do today on this Monday? Is there anything you'd like to do with me tonight? I am all yours.

30. Hello, how has your Monday been so far? Mine has been wonderful as we get to spend it together.

31. Greeting my love, may your week begin on a fantastic note and I'll be here to cheer with you when it ends.

32. How's your Monday so far? Mine has been wonderful just because I have you to spend it with.

33. I think of you every day of the week, including Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and all the rest! Have a wonderful morning.

34. I adore Mondays because it signifies that we have even more time to spend together!

35. Hello darling, I hope your Monday is off to a fantastic start. Mine has been fantastic just because you're in it.

36. Good morning my dearest, have a delightful Monday, and know that you're always in my thoughts.

37. How did your Monday go? I wish that it is the start of an incredible week, because you deserve nothing less.

38. Morning greetings, how was your weekend? I'm eagerly awaiting to see you today, whether it's at work, school, or wherever, so we can enjoy lunch together once again.

39. It's Monday, and all I want is to spend some quality time with my darling. Let me know if you're available.

40. Hello love, how's your Monday going? I wish it's filled with happiness and joy, because we deserve nothing but the best!

41. Just wanted to drop a line and say that I'm looking forward to starting this week with you, no matter what challenges we may face. I love you deeply.

42. Hi there, hope your weekend was amazing. Mine was fantastic because I was with you!

43. Hello love, how was your time off? I had an incredible weekend because we got to spend it together.

44. Hey my dear, I just wanted to remind you that you deserve a fantastic Monday. Wishing you a great afternoon!

45. Thinking of you today, and it fills me with excitement for a new week. Thank you for being my source of inspiration.

46. How's your Monday going? I'm looking forward to seeing you later tonight.

47. How was your weekend? I've been eagerly anticipating Monday just so I can see you again!

48. Hi love, just wanted to let you know that your cheerful smile brightens up my Monday. Thank you for being there.

49. Good morning my love! If you're having trouble getting out of bed today, I'm here to help.

50. Did you know that Mondays are the best day of the week? It's because I get to spend it with the one I love.