50 Long Distance Date Ideas To Keep An LDR Flourishing!

Spending time together is an important aspect of any relationship, especially in the case of long-distance relationships (LDRs).

It is advantageous for LDR couples to have a variety of long-distance date ideas at their disposal.

Continue reading to discover 50 unique ways to keep your LDR strong and maintain a connection.


Having a variety of engaging long-distance date ideas can significantly enhance your LDR.

There are countless possibilities for date night for modern LDR couples, ranging from participating in activities together over video chat to watching movies and taking virtual tours.

Here are the top 50 most popular long-distance date ideas:

1. Long Video Call

A lengthy video call is a classic LDR date idea and has been a staple since the inception of virtual date nights.

In fact, many of the best date ideas for LDR couples center around video calls. While phone calls may suffice for some virtual dates, video calls tend to enhance the experience.

As such, long video calls take the top spot on our list of the best date ideas for long-distance relationships.

2. Morning Coffee And Donuts

Whether you and your LDR partner are morning people or not, having a coffee and donuts chat over video or phone can make for a delightful date.

To make a special occasion even more memorable, starting the day with a coffee and donuts date is an excellent choice.

For LDR couples who are morning people, this could even be a regular date.

What could be a better way to start your day than to see your loved one while indulging in delicious donuts and sipping on coffee?

3. Long Phone Call

Phone calls may seem like a basic option for some LDR couples, but that is not always the case.

If your LDR primarily revolves around text messaging and brief video chats, making time for a long phone call can be both enjoyable and beneficial for your relationship.

For a couple that truly loves each other, there is nothing more fulfilling and enjoyable than having the opportunity to hear each other's voices and bask in each other's undivided attention.

4. Fall Asleep Talking

If you opt for a long-distance phone or video call date, make sure to end it with the blissful experience of falling asleep while talking to each other.

The ultimate romance lies in the intimate moments spent together for hours until the gentle embrace of sleep takes over.

You can both expect to wake up with beaming smiles and overflowing joy in your hearts after a night of talking and falling asleep together.

5. Play An Online Game Together

A fun and modern date idea for long-distance couples is to play games together.

Whether it's trying out new games or logging into your favorite online game to conquer dungeons or engage in battles, playing games together as an LDR couple can be a fantastic bonding experience.

Two popular games for couples to try are World of Warcraft (WoW) and Call of Duty (CoD), where you can learn and grow together.

6. Play Truth Or Dare

One of the most intimate LDR date ideas is to play a game of truth or dare for hours on end.

Whether you're just starting your LDR or have years of experience, playing truth or dare will help you delve into each other's thoughts and emotions.

The more you play and the more honest and daring you are, the deeper your connection with your partner will grow.

7. Netflix And Chill Night

A classic Netflix and Chill night is always a wonderful date idea for long-distance couples.

The only challenge is making sure you both start your streaming at the same time or close to it.

Another fun aspect is choosing what to watch together!

No Netflix account? Not a problem! You can try a movie streaming app for LDR couples, some of which even allow you to chat while watching the movie.

8. Have A House Party

In today's world, date ideas for LDR couples have become next-level, such as having a virtual house party and streaming it together.

If you have a computer, laptop, smart cameras or other devices with cameras, you can offer your partner multiple live feeds from different parts of your house.

The best part is that you can bring them with you on your phone, and introduce them to everyone who attends the party.

9. Workout Together

Working out together can be a fantastic date idea for long-distance couples who are fitness-oriented.

Whether you work out at home or go to the gym, all you have to do is set up a video call, put on a Bluetooth earpiece, and start working out together.

To make it even more exciting, take turns working out while one partner acts as a fitness coach.

If you both enjoy this type of date, consider making it a weekly routine a couple of times per week.

10. Go To A Concert

A live concert is a great option for long-distance couples who share similar music interests.

Just make sure you can move around and maintain a strong signal for your ongoing video or phone call.

11. Watch A Live Performance

If you don't have the same taste in music, perhaps there's another type of performance you can attend "together" through a video call or phone call.

Professional racing events, comic cons, local events, and street performances are some possibilities to consider.

12. Go For A Walk

A leisurely walk can be a great and memorable date, especially if you take care to choose the right location.

Ideal locations include local parks, community gardens, and historical city sites.

13. Take A Bath Together

So long as both partners have a secure location for their phone or smart device, taking a bath together can be one of the most romantic date ideas.

No further explanation is needed. Just make sure to keep your devices safe and away from water.

14. Learn A New Language Together

For long-distance couples who are eager to learn, studying a new language together can be a fantastic activity for a regular date.

Or, you can enroll in a class together to learn something other than a language.

15. Binge-Watch A TV Series Together

Binge-watching a TV series together is a fantastic date idea, regardless of whether you both have access to the same basic cable TV program.

Even if you can't watch the same TV shows, one of you can stream the video and audio of the series, and you can both watch it together in real time.

16. Have A Virtual Dinner Date

Many long-distance couples have frequently had virtual dinners while chatting with each other throughout their relationship.

However, scheduling a time for a physical dinner together is a different experience and makes for a memorable date.

To make things more special, set the mood by lighting candles, playing music, and dimming the lights at both locations for the final meal.

17. Do Chores Around The House

While it may sound like a lot of effort, when you're doing it with your partner, is it really considered work?

Most long-distance couples don't seem to think so, which is why it's one of the most sought-after date ideas.

Cleaning your homes together does not require you to go anywhere or spend any money.

18. Swap Nudes

Setting up a phone or video chat date to talk and exchange nudes can be a thrilling experience for long-distance couples.

This idea for a date is even more exciting if you haven't shared nudes yet.

19. Discuss Sex And Intimacy

Talking about sex and intimacy in a long phone or video chat conversation can be a bonding experience that makes for a great date for LDR couples.

During this date, it's the perfect opportunity to let your long-distance partner know your sexual preferences, interests, and boundaries.

20. Phone Sex

Phone sex is bound to occur during the course of a long-distance relationship, sooner or later.

Why not have phone sex during the same date as discussing sex, intimacy, and exchanging nudes?

21. Mutual Masturbation On Video Chat

For LDR couples who are comfortable with their bodies, a mutual masturbation video chat date is a fantastic idea.

When physical sex is not possible, mutual masturbation with video and audio is as close as it gets to the real thing.

22. Send Erotic Images Back And Forth

Exchanging erotic images (from adult sites) can make for an intriguing date for LDR couples.

It's also a great way for LDR couples to explore their sexuality and test the waters.

23. Watch Funny Videos

If your relationship hasn't reached a sexual stage or has evolved to a point where exchanging nudes is no longer taboo, watching funny videos together can be a fun alternative date idea.

Nothing is more powerful than laughter and feeling good, especially when shared with your partner.

24. Take A Nature Hike

For nature-loving LDR couples who can't visit parks together, taking virtual nature hikes can be a great date idea.

Even if one of you is actually hiking in nature and the other is enjoying the view from home, modern technology like smartphones and cameras allows you both to experience the scenery.

25. Watch A Movie

Watching a movie together is a classic date idea that LDR couples can enjoy.

Just because you're in a long-distance relationship, it doesn't mean you have to miss out on watching your favorite films together.

26. Go For A Walk Around The Neighborhood

A walk doesn't have to be limited to a national park.

A stroll around your local area can make for a lovely date for long-distance couples who have future plans of living together.

This allows both partners to get a sense of their partner's surroundings.

27. Take Up A Hobby Together

Taking up a hobby together is another great way to strengthen your relationship.

The more you both invest in each other's interests and joint hobbies, the better your chances are of making the relationship work.

28. Cook And Eat Ecahother's Favorite Meal

Another fantastic idea for LDR couples is to plan a date where you cook and eat each other's favorite meals.

Whether you choose to set the table with a tablecloth, candles, and fine china is up to you.

29. Plan A Real Date Night

One of the coolest ideas for an LDR date is to plan a physical date, rather than a virtual one.

Planning a real-life date allows you both to get a sense of each other's sense of romance and to get to know each other even better.

30. Attend A Family Function

One of the most genuine and potentially nerve-wracking ideas for an LDR date is attending a family function together.

This event could be a birthday celebration, a holiday gathering, or any other occasion that is family-focused.

31. Hang Out With Friends

Spending time with friends is a common pastime for most people.

Integrating your LDR partner into your social life can be achieved by introducing them to your friends through video chat or a phone call.

32. Watch A Porno Together

If you are both open-minded and have already shared intimate materials, watching porn together can make for an enjoyable date.

The only issue that may arise is if you cannot agree on the type of genre to watch.

33. Learn A New Skill Together

Collaborating on learning a new skill can help deepen the bond between LDR couples.

Whether or not you have shared interests is not important.

Engaging in new skills together can help you build a future together.

34. Take Bike Rides

Cycling is a great alternative to walking or hiking as a date activity.

However, make sure to have proper phone holders to prevent accidents or dropping your phone while riding.

35. Go On A Virtual Tour

Virtual tours offer a unique way to explore new places with your LDR partner.

These tours are becoming increasingly more popular and accessible.

36. Do Art Together

For artistic couples, creating art together can make for a perfect date.

Whether you choose to paint on canvas, in a notebook, or through a digital platform is up to you and your partner.

37. Plan Your Next Visit

Planning a visit, whether it's your first or next, with your LDR partner is an exciting date in itself.

Another option is to take turns planning your dream visits.

38. Have A Listening Session

It is important to be aware of the feelings of your LDR partner for a relationship that is successful and meaningful.

To guarantee mutual understanding, it is advisable to schedule listening sessions on a regular basis.

39. Take Compatibility Tests

Taking a compatibility test might not seem like a suitable idea for a long-distance relationship date, especially if you're already dating.

However, it can actually be quite enjoyable.

Completing a compatibility test is a fun way to demonstrate how much of a perfect match you truly are.

40. Stream Together

Streaming together is listed as the 40th item in our collection of long-distance date ideas.

Whether it's on Facebook, YouTube, or Twitch, streaming together is a delightful date option for LDR couples.

41. Make And Discuss Goals

Setting and discussing goals for the future is another top long-distance relationship date idea.

What could be more significant or endearing than thinking and talking about your future plans with the person you love?

42. Karaoke

How about karaoke? Whether you drink or not, a karaoke date is usually a big hit.

On the downside, if it doesn't go well, it can be a major disappointment.

43. Play A Boardgame

Playing a board game in person is typically a privilege only couples who live together or visit each other get to experience.

However, with the advancement of technology, such as phones with cameras, wifi, and a variety of apps and online platforms, you can play a physical board game long distance (with one person moving the pieces) or play games online.

44. Write A Book Together

Writing a book together may seem like an activity for academics, but with the abundance of self-publishing platforms available today, that is no longer the case.

The most challenging aspect is deciding who writes and who edits, or figuring out how the book will come together.

45. Play Charades

Engaging in long-distance relationship charades over a video call can be a fun and lighthearted way to bond and release energy together.

The outcome of the game, whether it be a win or a loss, is not important. What's significant is that both of you let your guard down and display your true selves to each other.

46. Plan Future Trips

Planning future trips with your long-distance partner can help you feel more connected and overcome the distance between you.

Whether you have an audio call or a video chat, the important thing is that you can temporarily escape the daily routine and focus on something more joyful and positive.

47. Designate Keepsake Boxes

A shared keepsake box is a common item in the collection of many long-distance couples.

Setting a date to create or purchase and set up a keepsake box can be a lovely idea, especially if you haven't already done so.

48. Partake In A Date Box

A date box is another creative idea for a long-distance relationship, which you and your partner may want to consider.

You can use a service to have a date box delivered, or you can create and mail them to each other simultaneously.

49. Play Freeze

Some couples might find it silly, but playing a classic game of "freeze" can be a lot of fun for a long-distance relationship.

Games like freeze or charades, which require some physical activity, can help release tension and bring out the child in both of you.

50. Start A Journal Together

Keeping a shared journal with your long-distance partner, where you can record your thoughts, plans, and important dates, can be a sweet and sentimental gesture.

Writing a journal together does not require you to have the writing skills of Anne Rice or Steven King.

Regardless of whether you have aged gracefully with gray hair or have chosen to remain youthful and ageless through nanobots, you will look back at the journal in the future and relive all the love.


If you're having trouble coming up with the perfect idea, don't worry.

Below are several bonus ideas for excellent long-distance relationship (LDR) date activities:

- Together, construct a vision of your future home.

- Mail each other your favorite scents.

- Explore the local area together.

- Discover new and interesting websites together.

- Collaborate to build a website.

- Plan a business venture together.

- Observe the sunset from a special, shared location.

- Compile a playlist together.

- Play a game of strip poker.

- Watch the sunrise from the comfort of your respective beds.