5-year-old Little Girl Has Fatal Heart Attack After Drinking Mom's "Meth Bong Water"

5-year-old Little Girl Has Fatal Heart Attack After Drinking Mom’s “meth Bong Water”

Parental negligence and child abuse took a whole new level in the case of the death of Sophia Larson. This little girl died from an accidental methamphetamine overdose.

Her mother, Stephanie Alvarado, 26, and cousins, Daniel Alvarado and Bertha Ceballos-Romo, caused Sophia's death.

How did the girl die?

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An arrest affidavit showed that the young child drank "meth bong water" from a bottle containing traces of methamphetamine.

Both mother and cousins did not predict this outcome but were obviously irresponsible.

The day Sophia died, Stephanie had lost her job for failing a drug test. The three of them claimed to have been smoking meth while driving to pick the 5-year-old up from school. Though they stopped when she got in the car, their previous action led to her death.


After waking from a nap thirsty, Sophia drank from a bottle of water tainted with meth.

What The Child's Father Has To Say?

The mother and child were separated from Alec Larson, the child's father, who was trying to regain Sophia's full custody. He was shocked at hearing that his daughter died of a heart attack. He said:

"I knew that her mom was using methamphetamine, and that's all my head went to."


He further told KJCT:

"Stephanie showed me a voice recording that was apparently taken minutes before Sophia collapsed and died and she was begging for me, begging to call me. She wanted to talk to dad."

He must have been so devastated to know that he lost his last chance to hear his baby talk and call him "daddy."

What Was Done To Save Sophia?

It was another level of irresponsibility and negligence when instead of taking her to the hospital, the trio tried to exorcise demons. Unbelievable! They probably were still very much under the influence.


Stephanie noticed Sophia hallucinating, acting jittery, and grinding her teeth. Yet, she and her cousins waited three hours to get help. Three whole hours!

Their excuse? They did not find the situation dire because other children who were relatives had consumed meth in the past and were okay. Also, Stephanie was scared that she would get in trouble or lose her child's custody, says the other two.


The Outcome

5-year-old little girl has fatal heart attack after drinking mom's
5-year-old little girl has fatal heart attack after drinking mom's "meth bong water"

All three involved were charged with child abuse resulting in death, possession of controlled substance, and reckless endangerment.

They were all arrested and though released on bail, were set to appear in court for a befitting judgment. Well, they got served.