5 Ways To Tell When A Guy Really Isn't That Interested

5 Ways To Tell When A Guy Really Isn’t That Interested

It can be heartbreaking for any woman to be really interested in a guy, but he doesn't feel the same. However, it is better to know one way or another rather than be left in limbo. Some women are interested in a guy but have no idea how to read him and find out whether he is also interested. Well, if you want to find out more, read on.

Fortunately – or unfortunately depending on which way you look at it – there are ways in which you can better determine whether the man of your dreams actually feels the same way or whether he really isn't interested in a relationship with you. It is important not to make the mistake of thinking a man is interested when he is just being friendly. In this article, we will look at some of the ways you can tell if he really isn't that interested.

Some of the Signs to Look For

There are various signs you should look for if you want to determine whether the guy you really like is not really interested in a relationship with you. Some of the key signs include:

Initiation of Contact

One thing you need to pay attention to is how often the guy initiates contact with you compared to how often you initiate contact with him. If you find that you are always the one who is calling him, sending text messages, or getting in touch through messaging apps, the chances are that he is not all that interested. If he was, he would also initiate contact with you at least as much as you do with him. If he simply doesn't bother unless you get in touch, it's a bad sign.

Slow or No Response to Texts

Do you find that the guy responds to text and other messages pretty quickly, or do you end up waiting forever for a response? Naturally, people cannot always respond to messages immediately because of work, driving, and other commitments, so you cannot expect a response within one minute. However, if you end up waiting for days at a time for a response, it generally means he is not all that interested.

Always Canceling Arrangements

When you make arrangements with the guy to meet up or make plans, you may find that more often than not he cancels on you. While the odd cancellation is expected - after all, unexpected things do arise – canceling all the time is not a good omen. It may be that he made arrangements with you, but something better has come along, so he cancels without any qualms or guilt. This is definitely a warning sign.

Rarely Makes Any Effort

Sometimes, the amount of effort a guy makes for you will give you an indication of whether he is interested or not. If you find that he rarely makes any effort while you put your all into it, he is not the guy for you. For instance, if you live a fair distance apart, you may find that it is always you that makes the effort to visit him rather than the other way around. As mentioned earlier, you may find that you make all the effort to contact him, while he doesn't make any effort.

Keeps You Waiting Around

One other thing to look out for is if he keeps you waiting around, which could be another sign that he has more important things than you to spend his time on. If you end up being kept waiting for calls, he frequently turns up really late whenever you arrange to meet up, or he just leaves you hanging all the time, back away.

Time to Move Forward

Based on the above signs, you can get a better idea of whether he is interested or not. If it appears that he is not interested, there is nothing you can do to force his hand. It is important to accept the situation and move forward with your life. Naturally, there will be someone out there for you, but it just isn't this guy!