5 Ways To Know Someone Has Hidden Motives

5 Ways To Know Someone Has Hidden Motives

The world, as you probably know by now, has a lot of toxic people in it; and I'm sure you have met many of them yourself. Many of these people seem normal and even friendly at first, but it's usually just a front.

Usually, that's just an elaborate disguise to hide their true intentions, and those are never good for you or anyone.

They are friendly, yes. But not for the sake of having a good friend they can share a great relationship with.

It's all part of an elaborate plan to make you lower your defenses so you don't see their manipulative moves coming.

If you are like most people, you hate these people and wish you could see them from a mile off and avoid them. You are in luck because here are five ways to discover them and avoid them altogether for a happier life.

1. Smooth Talkers

People with hidden motives are usually really great at getting people to do their bidding. That's because they have their way with words, and they can make up any kind of story to make you do what they are saying.

They will use lies, conceal the truth, and use any means possible to make you fall for their tricks.

So, if someone always makes you do something you don't want to, learn to avoid the person because you are being taken for a ride. Otherwise, they will keep manipulating you.

2. You Have A Bad Feeling About Them

When this person talks to you, you will feel misunderstood, unsure, irritated, or confused. You feel like you can never get your point across with this person.

That is because your gut knows you are interacting with someone who has no good intentions for you. They also leave you feeling this way so they can manipulate you to their advantage.

3. They Are Always Needy

Life always revolves around these people and their needs. They are either mouthing off about their lives or trying to talk you into doing stuff for them.

Even when you try to share something about yourself, they will find a way to change the conversation and focus on themselves once more.

In many cases, they will approach you when they want you to do something for them.

4. Strange Eye Contact And Body Language

Dishonest people avoid eye contact because that would give away their intentions. But they know that avoiding eye contact would give away their ill intentions.

So, they will try to make eye contact, but it will be strained because they have something to hide. Their body language will also not be very comfortable and reassuring because they will not be saying the truth.

5. They Only Care About You Doing Them Favors

These people don't care for anything but having other people do what they want. They don't care about what you want and will talk about the same stuff continually because that is what they want you to focus on.

That is just a trick to get you to take their burdens as your own.

But even if they talk about something a million times, don't buy it and fall for this trick. You can change the topic or avoid getting into such situations with them altogether.

So, if you were wondering what someone is up to based on their interactions with you, I hope this helps clear things up. People with bad intentions are not that difficult to spot if you know what to look out for.