5 Ways To Impress A Guy You Like

5 Ways To Impress A Guy You Like

As much as we hate to admit it, we girls often have to do something to get the attention of the guys we fancy. It's not always the man's job to impress.

So, this is for you ladies who secretly admire a guy and would like more of his attention but have no clue how to get it.

Without further ado, let's see what you can do to have a guy you like to pay attention to you.

1. Being Your Own Girl

You have to accept yourself and be confident in who you are. You can never be good at being someone else. In any case, the guy is likely to see through that and think you are fake, which will not earn you any points.

Be genuine and confident while at it, and you will easily stand out. You don't have to pretend to like something he is into, such as sports.

2. Let Him Know You Notice Him

This is hard for a girl to do, but it does not take much effort. A smile, a blush, or a laugh should do the trick. It's not about throwing yourself at him. It's about giving him a clue that you notice him, which will intrigue him and make him notice you as well.

3. Showing You're Good At Something

Excellence always gets our attention. When you are really good at something, people are sure to know who you are and be impressed by you.

Don't worry. It doesn't have to be something he is also good at. It's not a competition. A guy might be more impressed by you if you excel at something he struggles with. Maybe he doesn't know how to make kids calm down, but you do.

That is sure to impress him as he will wonder how the hell you do it. But keep in mind that being ridiculously good at some things might be intimidating to some guys, such as academic excellence.

4. Mind Your Dressing

Guys can be really impressed with the clothes you wear. So, instead of wearing baggy clothes, you can go for something more form-fitting. That is sure to get a guy's attention. Basically, wear something cute that also makes you look cute.

If this is new territory for you, you can always wear the clothes at home first and get comfortable with them. Staggering in heels in front of the guy you are into would not get you the kind of attention you would like. And it's not about showing as much skin as possible. So, don't feel obligated to go for something very revealing.

5. Help Out

No, this has nothing to do with you being a doormat. It's not about desperately looking for a chance to help out. All you have to do is wait for an opportunity to help out, and that is sure to impress a guy. You can help out his friend, family member and so forth. That should create a lot of things to talk about for the two of you.

I hope you realize that it does not take much effort to impress a guy, as the tips above indicate. Being yourself, changing up your style a bit, a little bit of altruism, letting him know you notice him, and showing your skills can really get a guy interested in you. Give it a try, and you will see the difference.