5 Ways To Deal With Negative Energy Around You

5 Ways To Deal With Negative Energy Around You

Negative energy can be encountered just about anywhere and sometimes it can surround us, seemingly smothering any happy vibes we have. Sometimes, it can even come from within ourselves. But there are ways to deal with this negative energy, whether it's from others or if you're the source.

Find Positive People

Negativity can sometimes be traced to the people you spend time with. As mentioned, it can also come from your own self. Either way, you should surround yourself with positive people. Being around people who have positive energy will improve your energy and lead to feeling a lot better. Also, try to avoid being around negative people who will suck you back into darkness. Don't forget about your friends, just spend less time with them until you're back to feeling normal and happy.

Investigate The Source

To put an end to all the negativity around you, try to find the source of the negativity. If it's somebody specific, do what you can to put some distance between you and them, at least for a while. However, if it's something that is rooted inside you, address them. Even small things can cause negativity and unhappiness, so pay close attention. Only you can locate this if it's not from someone else.

Find Your Inner Compassion

In the cold and cruel world we live today, finding compassion is very difficult. But if you try to show compassion wherever and whenever you can, it will radiate inside you and your life. Your compassion will create more positive energy and you will start to notice this before too long. You may just end up being a beacon of light for someone else in the process.

Forget About Expectations

There are few things that can cause such great sadness and depression as unmet expectations. It doesn't seem like a big deal in general, but it affects your feelings quite drastically when you expect something and it doesn't happen. For that reason, try to have fewer expectations, or at least lower them. This doesn't mean you should lower your standards in life, only try to not expect the best all the time. This will lead to less heartache and better positivity in your life.

Let It Go

Sometimes, it is necessary just to copy Elsa and 'Let it go.' The girl knew what she was talking about because letting go of things is very cathartic. Holding on to negativity can lead to severe unhappiness and letting go of it can have the opposite effect. It is not as easy as it sounds and could take quite a while to achieve. But as long as you keep trying, you will get there eventually. And you'll thank yourself for it in the end.

As long as you identify and confront the negativity in your life, how you deal with it is really up to you. But these five tips can steer you in the right direction and give you an idea of what to do when you're surrounded by negativity. Give yourself time, focus on feeling positive and you'll find yourself in a better space and ready to kick out all those bad vibes.