5 Ways To Access Free Entertainment During The COVID-19 Quarantine

5 ways to access free entertainment during the covid-19 quarantine

With lockdown and quarantine in place, many people are not going for vacations, eating out as often as they want in fancy restaurants, or spending money on luxurious trips. However, while everyone is practicing social distancing and taking the necessary measures to remain safe, they also want to be entertained.

For students and kids, entertainment helps to pass the time and reduces the need to focus more on things that are out of our control. For adults, doing fun things is a way to kill boredom, create a fun routine, and bring normalcy to daily life. Besides, the pandemic has brought financial impact to people from across the globe. How?


The unemployment level has reached historical levels, people with jobs are taking pay cuts, and others have faced complete wage losses. With businesses closing, more people are forced to stay or work from home. That is why access to free entertainment offers some form of relief for anyone who is living on a tight budget and even for those who find themselves with more time on their hands. To help make life a little bit easier, we have compiled some of the places where you can access free entertainment regardless of age.



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For those who are not in school, the library acts as a great source of information. Besides, public libraries tend to have all books genre and scholarly materials in all topics and courses. Reading books is beneficial and important even for adults because:

Losing yourself in a book reduces stress


Enhances focus and concentration

Results in mental stimulation

Results in vocabulary expansion

Adds knowledge that might come in handy in tackling a challenge

Improves memory

Results in stronger analytical thinking skills

During the pandemic, most libraries might be closed. However, you can still access digital libraries at the comfort of your home. Opting for e-books is another way to be entertained by comics, horror, comedy, and even classic novels. So if you are tired of watching television or want to minimize screen time, lose yourself to a good book.


Indoor Games

Even though the Corona-19 lockdown is being lifted in many countries, many entertainment joints are still off-limits. Some won't allow a large group of people which means you can't go with your friends or the whole family. Instead of getting bored, opt for indoor games that also allow social distancing.

Games such as chess are helpful with cognitive stimulation. However, if you're not a fan of board games, then video games might be your go-to source of entertainment. For instance, after watching basketball or football on TV, playing it in a virtual arena can be entertaining. Indoor games are also a great stress reliever for a student after a hectic day and can be played no matter the weather.



In some cases, audio files and podcasts can impart knowledge in a way books cannot. This is especially true because there are different types of learning styles. Auditory learners who comprehend information more efficiently by listening and hearing will benefit from podcasts.

Besides, podcasts come in a wide range of genres, making them a great entertainment source during quarantine or when staying indoors. Podcasts also make a fun diversion. You can download the audio for free or use a podcast app that allows you to access entertaining content for free.


Live Concerts

The pandemic has forced the music industry to take a pause, especially when it comes to concerts and other live performances where the fans can attend physically. However, if music is your first source of entertainment, then virtual shows are ideal for those quarantines or lockdown days. Instagram and YouTube are some of the popular places that stream live concerts.



Did you know that doing a DYI project can keep you entertained for days and even months? Pinterest is the go-to place for beginners who want to explore several projects. It can be a simple project like learning to bake just for fun or trying out inspiring crafts that will bring out your inner artist. Either way, the platform has hundreds of DYI project ideas that can be a great source of entertainment.