5 Ways On How To Make A Guy Want A Relationship Without Pressure

5 ways on how to make a guy want a relationship without pressure

If the movies taught us that there was a way to lose a guy in 10 days (but let's forget that Andie didn't prove her point, and meanwhile, the guy actually fell for her), then why shouldn't there be a way to make a guy want a relationship with you? Maybe not in a ten days milestone, but still, you get the point, right?

Why wouldn't there be a way to make a guy commit if the kisses take you to outer space?


Wakey-wakey! You can't command your heart and brain to fall in love just like that. It's not that simple, and some things need to flow naturally.

You enjoy each other's company, and the chemistry is more than obvious. Still, the guy is not even close to asking whether you'd like your dating to get to another level, the official relationship kind of level.

Is he afraid of something serious? Does he have commitment issues, or is he in a phase of his life where he doesn't want to settle down, not even for a relationship?


There's only one way to find the answers you seek: go ahead, raise your voice, talk about it, and see if it makes any change for your love life.

Why Is It Important To Have Commitment?

People are social beings, and this is the ugly truth. We depend on commitment with other people, which is nothing to worry about; it's natural!

On the contrary, commitment can bring people closer on so many levels. Not only will you feel safer, but you'll have a shoulder to cry on when things turn blue.


Even bad or sad things that happen to us sometimes are easier to overcome when you have the support of your better half.

How To Make A Guy Want A Relationship

For starters, you can't make someone fall in love with you.

Love potions and black magic won't do the trick. But luckily, you can tell if a guy is fond of you in more than a friendly way. If there's something more, you will know.

Let's say that you're head over heels in love with him. You see a potential to start a relationship, and it could be big because he's interested too. However, he doesn't make a single step to up the game.


Should you wait and leave everything in the hands of destiny, or buckle up and do your thing to get what you want?

The answer is simple: don't rush.

Prepare a plan, but don't rush it. Be self-confident, and be true. Let all things develop naturally, and have control over yourself. You will get a guy to want a relationship with you only by not forcing him to commit.

All The Right Moves In All The Right Places

People often end up disappointed when things don't end up well. And the results are usually spiced up with our guilt trips, and we are asking ourselves what went wrong.


Was I too pushy? Maybe too clingy? Did I look desperate to get into a relationship? Where did I go wrong?

Millions of questions start buzzing in your head, and at that moment, it seems like they only make things harder. And indeed, they are. You're not helping yourself if you point your finger at you.

Let's clear some things right from the start; pushiness is not how you will make a guy fall in love or want a relationship, and you always need to be fully aware of the things you do. Respect yourself in the first place, and respect the person you like.


In the end, if it's meant to be, it'll be. Keep your head high and don't mourn the relationship drowning in tears with a bowl of ice cream in your lap. Don't get the wrong idea - ice cream is a piece of heaven, but don't be sad over things that didn't even happen.

Instead, calm yourself and think of your moves. Detailed analysis and a good strategy are the keys to success.

#1 Leave The Hunting To Him

Some men are born hunters, and they enjoy the chase of their hunt to the fullest.


Is it the adrenaline or the award? In the end, nobody could confirm for sure? However, one thing is true - men love to chase the girls that are hard to get.

So be it! Be mysterious, be reserved, and tickle his mind a little. Don't text him too much, but don't text him too rarely because you don't want to send the "not interested" signals and confuse him.

Tease, and let him tease you.


It sounds like an easy-peasy thing, although it's hard to back off from a man that you love. But you'll make it. Just keep a smart distance, and don't rush to write him back when he reacts to your Instagram story.

If he thinks that you cooled off and he started losing you, he'll start fighting harder for you if he's into you.

#2 Set And Maintain Healthy Boundaries

Boundaries are something that makes the commitment successful in the long run.


It's natural to want to spend more time with the person you like, but remember to let it breathe and don't be clingy. Nothing rings the red alarm faster in a man's head than a clingy woman.

But there's another thing too - in this phase, a guy won't have the time to think about you if you're always around. This is why you will need to set the boundaries from the start.

Don't be afraid that you'll lose him if you loosen up, trust your guy and relax. It's more important to not forget that you too have a life, and you need to live it to the fullest with and without him.


#3 Don't Be Nice And You'll Keep A Guy Interested

There is a firm belief that guys like bad girls only. Even if it sounds a bit cliché, this might be true sometimes. Of course, don't take it for granted and try to balance your attitude.

The thing with being nice is simple. Guys might often think that if a girl is too nice to them, she's trying to live up to an image of the person she thinks they want her to be.

In the end, guys may like nasty girls, but you don't have to be mean or rude to win a man's heart. On the contrary, be a girl with her own opinions for every little thing. Show him that you don't need a man to be happy and fulfilled because you are satisfied with what you have.


Just remember that no matter what you do, encourage yourself to be natural. And if natural means that you're going to be jumpy that day because you had a rough day at work - warn him that it's not your day and let it be. He'll get to know another side of you, and your sincerity will make him more fond of you.

#4 Put Energy Into The Right Places

Worrying and stressing over every single thing won't help you. It will just defocus you from the bigger picture. And when emotions and worries take over your mind, things get harder.


To create a strong foundation for a healthy relationship, you need to focus and start putting your energy into the right places.

The flaws in previous relationships play their part in causing you anxious episodes and reminding you of possible things that could go wrong. But instead of agonizing your mind with pointless scenarios (some of them could never happen anyway, and you know this), take over the wheel and control the situation.


And last but not least, don't rush into a new relationship if your wounds from your last one are not healed yet. Give yourself a break and focus on yourself.

A relationship with the guy you have a crush on won't make you happy, nor will it fill your wounds with a magic moisturizer that would heal them. On the contrary, you'll just make it worse than it is, you'll end up hurt, and you'll hurt the guy with you.


Make sure that you're satisfied with who you are. At least you owe it to yourself. And then, believe it - all odds will be in your favor, and the guy will be yours in the end because you'll attract him with your self-esteem.

#5 Get Inside His Head

Thinking like a man will help you understand what exactly happens in his head.

Did you know that our brains are different? Yes, guys and girls are biologically different, and it's not only about sex. The answer lies in the brain too.


There is something called a limbic system, and it is the emotional processing center of the brain. Researchers have found out that they are much larger in a woman's brain than a man's.

And it changes the whole picture. This is the reason why women are closer to their emotions, and guys could struggle with them.

It's nothing scary. You just need to be aware that your thoughts are not the same as his, and your thinking process may be a bit different than his.


Wondering what you could do?

Well, use this to your advantage. Be clear and precise to help yourself and ease your communication by stimulating his emotional part of the brain. The most important part would be to not send him mixed signals by any chance.

Let's admit it - mixed signals are not trendy anymore. They confuse people and make things worse than they are. But on the other side, knowing this phenomenon, you can say things that would initiate his interest in you.


If You Really Want To Keep Him Interested

If you tried every possible thing that you've heard and yet nothing seemed to work the magic, then maybe it's time to put the white flag and leave this battle with your head high.

At least you put an effort to try every option. Maybe this wasn't the right time. What is yours eventually will come, right? If not, you'll find everything and even more in the next guy.

But if there is some progress and you have outdone yourself, then you already know that this is only the beginning. A healthy and successful relationship needs to be nourished every day.


Be passionate, be wild, be careless and free. Go with the flow, and be whatever you want or need to be. Just remain true to yourself, feel free to show your true colors, and build your relationship on trust and a healthy foundation.

Only this way, you'll attract your significant other to want something more than a fast-paced romance. And you'll both light up each other's world, enjoying the perks of your time together.