5 Understandable Reasons Some Girls Won't Send Nudes Although They Trust And Love You

5 Understandable Reasons Some Girls Won’t Send Nudes Although They Trust And Love You

Sending nudes has finally gone mainstream. And yet, some women will never send nudes no matter what, which has left many guys frustrated.

So, if you are reading this article to get the answers you need, you are in luck.

First of all, for a woman to send you her nudes, she has to trust you. The last thing any girl wants is to have her photos posted on the internet when the relationship hits a dead end.

If you are a guy who has been in relationships where your partner had no issues sending her private photos, it might surprise you to see that your current partner is not up to it.

For many modern guys, this might be a sign of not enjoying the intimate relationship they expect. Today, sending naked pictures is considered by many a normal part of a healthy relationship.

Here are the reasons this might be happening, and why you should not feel bad when she completely refuses to send nude pictures.

1. She Won't Send Nudes Because She Has Been Burned Before

5 understandable reasons some girls won't send nudes although they trust and love you

A few unlucky women have made the mistake of sending their nude photos to the wrong guy. Initially, they did it as a romantic gesture and it even improved their love life.

However, the nudes were used to their detriment, and they swore never to put themselves in such a position again.

As you can probably imagine, dealing with a vengeful ex who has their hands on your nudes can really suck, and it can leave a lasting impact.

It's also possible their partners might not have exposed them deliberately, but the consequences of what happened left them with a life-long lesson against sharing nudes with other people.

The point is that if she never got over the fact that naked pictures of herself have gotten her in trouble before, she might not want to make that mistake again.

2. If She Has Deep-Seated Trust Issues, She Won't Send Nudes

5 understandable reasons some girls won't send nudes although they trust and love you

Some girls have very serious trust issues, and for that reason, they will never send nudes. It's that simple, and you cannot talk them out of it.

There are girls who have suffered emotional abuse and got sexually abused at the hands of their former partners. This could have completely destroyed their trust in men.

Sending nudes for such a girl makes her feel she has lost control because she has no say in where they might end up eventually.

A lot of women with trust issues don't enjoy giving up control, and that is why sending nudes might be out of the question for her.

That's why your relentless promises that nobody else will set their eyes on them are doing nothing to convince her that sending you her nudes is an acceptable part of sexting.

So, don't give her a hard time when she seems reluctant to send you racy photos.

One day, she may move forward and leave her issues behind and indulge you. A bad relationship in the past might have made her feel bad about the whole sending nudes business.

3. A Girl Who Has Body Insecurities Might Never Send Nudes

5 understandable reasons some girls won't send nudes although they trust and love you

There are girls who, for some reason or another, don't love their bodies. They can't even bring themselves to take naked photos of themselves, let alone send them to anyone.

In fact, standing in front of the mirror sort of depresses them. They genuinely feel sorry for themselves on account of their bodies.

Therefore, even if you totally love her and every part of her; she might never bring herself to send you nudes if she has overwhelming body insecurities.

It does not mean she doesn't trust you. It's just that she lacks enough body confidence to send you naked photos of herself, and doing so would never make her feel loved even if it's appreciated.

She possibly thinks to let you see her nude photos might actually make you stop loving her as you once did.

4. She Thinks Sending Nudes Is Degrading Or Predatory

5 understandable reasons some girls won't send nudes although they trust and love you

Some women have no issues with their bodies, and they trust you enough to let you have their nudes on your phone. In fact, among these ladies, sending nudes to their boyfriends and not getting a response is not even an issue. But the one thing keeping her from ever sending any is probably her belief that doing so is beneath her.

She probably thinks that once she does that, you will sexually objectify her, and she does not see how that will be of any benefit to her or the relationship.

It's even possible she thinks men who ask for nudes have unhealthy personality traits, which should serve as a reminder never to push her into sending you naked photos of herself if at first, she doesn't entertain the idea.

For this girl, not even the desperate dick pic tempts her to send back a nude photo. To them, sending a nude is usually the beginning of a toxic relationship.

Let's face it, many girls feel uncomfortable sending nudes, but they do it anyway because they have low self-esteem and need the compliments. And despite going the distance, many of them end up in unhealthy relationships.

5. She Doesn't See The Point

5 understandable reasons some girls won't send nudes although they trust and love you

Most people today understand that sending nudes is a great way to keep the fire of passion burning. So, they will send nudes as long as the relationship gets past a certain stage.

However, there will be women who will not see the point of sending nudes. She could spend the rest of her life without exchanging nudes with anyone.

To them, as long as you can see them naked in person on such a regular basis, there is little point in sending nudes.

For some, failing to send nudes is actually a good thing for the relationship. Such girls want their partners to be eager to see them in person. So, they would not like to ruin the surprise by sending nudes.

And of course, there are those who don't see how sending each other nudes fits into the traditional family life setup. For such a lady, sending nude photos is not an option.

Among millennials, refusing to send nudes is probably seen as an old-fashioned stand. But some women won't send nudes no matter what, and above are some possible reasons they won't walk down this increasingly popular road.