5 Undeniable Signs That He's In Love With You

5 Undeniable Signs That He’s In Love With You

Listen up, ladies! You have been dating your man for some time now but you feel as if it isn't going anywhere. You have to remember that guys have a different way of expressing their love. They aren't as open as we are. Don't worry. I am going to share with you some signs that you may be missing.

Let's get started. Shall we?

He Shows That He Listens

As the more open one in my relationship, I tend to express my feelings with my words. Sometimes getting a bit carried away. Okay, a lot. No matter how long I have been going on and on, my man shows that he is always listening.

Once, I was talking about my day and how I was not being heard at work. Needless to say, it wasn't a good day. Yes, there were tears. I didn't usually open up to anyone but my granny who had passed away a year prior. When I came home the next day, there was a restored picture of my granny with a note that said: " Up for the job".

He Gives Undivided Attention

Since the birth of technology, it seems that we are getting further and further away from face to face conversations. Most people's social interactions revolve around their smartphones.

This was us at one point. My guy always had a call that he needed to take no matter where we were. After sharing how that made me feel, he now leaves his phone on silent or in the car when we are together.

He's Concerned For Your Safety

Most guys view themselves as many roles in a relationship. The protector is one of them. You could make the same trip safely every year but he still calls to check on you. Some may say that it is unnecessary to check daily. But when he loves you, he will never stop. After eleven years, mine sure hasn't.

He Adores Your Natural Beauty

Our society has programmed us to see beauty in a certain way. There is not a commercial that doesn't show beauty as a skinny woman with long flowing hair and the latest makeup.

I am a woman who has neither of those features. I am a curvy, kinky-haired woman who rarely wears lipstick. My man never misses an opportunity to show me that he loves all of it.

He Improves Without Changing

Just as he accepts me as I am, I give my guy the same respect. Having to change for someone is not fun at all. They have to want to make the right changes to improve themselves. You can't force them to.

The first time he met my parents was a time to remember. My parents were coming to my man with a stern and unshakable demeanor. My guy didn't let that worry him in any way. He continued to be himself. In no time, he had both of my parents' respect. My dad even permitted my guy to call him by his first name.