5 Types Of Daters

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What type of dater are you? Have you ever stopped to think about how your dates perceive you? I am sure you are more interested in the 5 types of daters you will meet during your search for your perfect match.

After all, we would all like to cut through the jokers and spend our time with people who actually offer us a real shot at true love.

It does not matter if you are trying online dating or regular dating. There are 5 different types of daters, and you can also look at them as the main dating personality types.

1. "Friends With Benefits" Dater

5 types of daters

We live in the age of hookup culture. Internet daters on some online platforms want nothing more than someone to spend a weekend with before they move on to their next potential partner.

They can maintain a casual touch with you as long as there are benefits to be had. Clearly, this is not the kind of person you want to date when your goal is to find a long-term partner.


This kind of dater is impatient, and the three-month rule will not be of interest to him. Of all the types of dating we have today, this is clearly the worst for people in search of serious relationships.

2. The Flaky Dater

5 types of daters

This is the type of dater who will usually cancel the date on you at the last minute. Similarly, if any small challenge comes up during your dating journey, they will easily give up or get frustrated.

Being vulnerable is also a huge problem for this dater. Flirting is also not their thing because they are worried about everything.

This person has no idea what they want, and you cannot make any concrete plans with them because you can never count on them following through.


It's like this dater is not fully comfortable dating. They have one leg in and the other leg out, and it's torture dealing with them.

3. The "Just Friends" Dater

5 types of daters

These daters don't dress up, bring their A-game, and wear their best smile to make friends with you. No. This guy or girl comes to the date with the intention of getting a romantic partner.

Unfortunately, once the date gets going, you realize that this person cannot be anything more than just a friend. The "just friends" dater will be smart, funny, and even an eye-candy. However, the chemistry you have is nothing more than a flirty friendship.

But whatever the case, you know deep in your heart that it will never work out between you although you want the person to stay in your life as a friend. It certainly sucks for this dater to know that you have no interest in pursuing the relationship any further.

However, you shouldn't feel so bad. The shoe might end up on the other foot, and your hot date might decide there is no need to pursue the romantic relationship you could build together.


4. The Dreamer

5 types of daters

These folks are always talking about the perfect partner. Ironically, they are also some of the most flawed human beings you will ever meet.

On dates, dreamers will go on and on about what they desire in an ideal partner, and they will usually make sure you know that you don't make the cut.

They like drawing parallels between their dates and their perfect partner. And usually, these people believe in love at first sight, because they believe meeting "the one" has to be a magical and momentous occasion. If they don't like you instantly, they will not waste any of their time on you.

Although dreamers can be jerks, they are also easy to manipulate. If you pretend to agree with their fantasies, they can easily let you in and give you a glimpse of who they are.


5. "The One"

5 types of daters

This is the real deal, and the kind of dater every serious person seeks to find. Once you start dating this person, you want to date them for the rest of your life. This is the wife or husband material who makes you get off the market and focus on building a relationship.

You can feel a genuine connection to this person, and there is nothing more exciting than discussing the future you will have together with them. You are priorities in each other's lives, and you are also close friends and confidants.

With this kind of dater, you can almost touch the love that exists between you two. If you had a checklist, you forget all about it as soon as you meet this person. Their worth to your life is more than a simple checklist could ever cover.

Although this discussion is about the 5 types of daters, also understand that they also usually define the five types of relationships you can have.

So, what are the rules to follow when dating to avoid the jokers and manipulators and meet "the one"?

The first trick is understanding what kind of partner you need. It's important to be realistic about this. Otherwise, you could become an annoying dreamer. You can also take a love-type test to know what kind of partner is best suited to you.