5 Trusted Ways To Boost Your Immune System In Fighting Covid-19

It's been 8 months since the coronavirus introduced itself to the world scene. So far, more than 16 million people worldwide have contracted it.

Although more than half that number have already recovered, the virus is still spreading at an unprecedented rate.

Much has been said about the development of vaccines by many countries. The truth remains that there is no known cure at this moment. Your best defense to date is your immune system.

While it is best to take precautionary measures, it will also be wise to improve your immunity. This is because no matter how cautious you may be, you just never know.

Naturally, our immune system is designed to fight off diseases that may want to harm our bodies. Some factors like stress, unhealthy feeding habits, and a lack of exercise can make the immune system less effective.

Since your best defense against this pandemic is your immune system, you should be interested in improving it. Here are 7 easy steps you can take to boost your immune system.

How To Boost Your Immunity

5 trusted ways to boost your immune system in fighting covid-19

Note that the following steps do not require you to spend much money. They are things within reach of everyone, including those living in developing countries.

The Majority of the steps involve lifestyle changes. Let's get right to it.

Reduce Stress

5 trusted ways to boost your immune system in fighting covid-19

As you stress your body more, your immune system weakens. This is because some stress hormones are produced in the body that overburdens the immune system.

To boost your immune system, cut down on all the unnecessary activities that stress you.

Of course, some may argue that we can't do without stress. That is true considering our daily routines.

But some stress is not needed. Reduce these activities that cause extra stress and improve your immunity.

Prioritize Sleep

5 trusted ways to boost your immune system in fighting covid-19

According to the National Sleep Foundation, an adult needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. In recent times, many people prefer to fall asleep late into the night. They claim to still feel better the following morning.

While that may be true, your immune system is on the losing end. The less sleep you get, the weaker your immunity. To boost your immune system, try to sleep early in the evening.

You should also find time to sleep whenever you are tired. This will give your body time to revitalize and refresh itself. This is going to benefit your immune system greatly.

Exercise Moderately

5 trusted ways to boost your immune system in fighting covid-19

Exercise is one of the best ways to boost your immunity. It refreshes your internal organs, improves blood flow, and makes your heart healthier. Some choose to exercise in the morning while some enjoy exercising at other times of the day.

At the same time, too much of everything is detrimental. You also wouldn't want to exercise until you break down and get too tired. Remember, stress can reduce your immunity.

The point is that you should exercise regularly but moderately in order to keep your immunity at an optimal level.

Cook Your Meals And Eat Less Processed Food

5 trusted ways to boost your immune system in fighting covid-19

Processed food has gained more attention in recent times because they make life easier. You can just open your fridge, pick up canned food, microwave it, and eat at any time. You don't even need to cook.

Be mindful though, of the eventual harm processed food can cause. Processed food tends to overwork and eventually wear out your immune system, thus making one prone to infectious attacks.

Instead of depending on processed food during this pandemic, take time to cook your meals. Include veggies and lots of greens in your meal.

Consume Meals Rich In Vitamins

5 trusted ways to boost your immune system in fighting covid-19

There are several meals today that are rich in vitamins. Broccoli, Spinach, Oranges, and other fruits have been confirmed to contain this essential nutrient.

Make sure you don't eat a meal without adding at least one fruit. This will greatly improve your immunity. If you notice that your immune system might be weak, you may consider buying vitamin supplements from the pharmacy.

While the recovery rate from COVID-19 may be encouraging, you can do your part by improving your body's immunity. And as always, stay safe!