5 Tips That Will Help You Win A Portrait Drawing Contest!

Are you participating in a Portrait Drawing Contest? And you don't know what unique things you can do to win this contest. Portraits are one of the most prestigious and well-known types of drawing. A portrait can have a face capable of conveying millions of feelings or even your favorite animal.

Well, we have created this guide to help you make a lasting impression on the judges. So without any further waiting, let's start with a guide that will help you win a portraiture drawing contest.

Create Something That Stands Out In The Crowd:

Winning a competition is not an easy task, you have to think out of the box and create a portrait that stands out in the crowd. One of the best ideas to make your painting stand out is to make a portrait of the woman who you admire the most.

It can be your wife, mother, or daughter. You can go for expressions of strength, love, and emotions or something that you love about them. This is because the facial expression in a portrait matters the most.


When you are drawing a portrait you always try to present your subject in the best way. You want to show your personality with a pose or gesture. For example, if you are making a portrait of your mother, then you can choose to make her comfortable by showing her in a loving or cute pose.

On the other hand, if you are an animal lover you can also portray your favorite animal with a cute pose or highlight the gesture you love most.

Focus On Style Of Portrait Painting:

Well, there are different styles of portrait drawing - realistic, 3D, cartoon, and 2D. For this, you need to be a master of one particular style. Make sure you keep the style and subject of your painting in mind before starting the painting.

Experiment With Different Materials:

Don't limit yourself to just one medium. Experiment with different materials such as watercolors, pastels, or even mixed media. This will help you create a unique and interesting portrait that stands out from the rest. Additionally, using different materials, it can also help you achieve different textures and effects that may not be possible with just one medium.

Add A Personal Touch:

Adding a personal touch to your portrait can make it more meaningful and memorable. For example, you can incorporate a special object or symbol that represents the subject or include a meaningful quote or message. This will not only make your portrait stand out but also create an emotional connection with the judges and viewers.

Remember, a portrait is not just about capturing a likeness, but also telling a story and conveying emotions to win art competition shows.


We hope these five tips will help you win a portrait drawing contest. Remember, practice is the key to mastering the skill and techniques involved in portrait painting. So if you want to make a great portrait painting, keep practicing and shine like a star in any art competition.